Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Im in awe

I Love Jesus, for those of you who dont know! and god has placed me where I am at this moment for a reason! There is SOOO very much going on in my life, but more importantly( right now) in my friends lives, I have a few friends so financially burdened they are looking to loose their home, some looking to loose their family, some just struggleing so much right now.

This State I live in, this country is falling apart, and I feel right now God is calling me to get to my knees and pray. I feel like I need to learn from my daughter and put my arms up and ask to be held. Be in complete surrender. I feel That is what each of us needs to do is focus. All things can be done through Christ who strengthens me! I want you to know that I AM praying for you! my heart hurts for you! I pray that you will find comfort in Christ.

Next, Sensaria, I can not begin to tell you what it has done for me!!!! Because of this company I have met some AMAZING AMAZING women! Women I can pray with, women who lift me up, who are real! I kow that this is what He wants me doing right now. As a ministry to teach women how to enrich their lives. I am so incredibly excited to see whats in store! Did you know that Sensaria helps a charity!!! I did but not really until tonight! I think its SO cool!!!! We call it change for CARE. When you are purchasing something you have the option to round up your total to give the change to Care! here is the web-site for the charity that Sensaria supports : http://www.care.org/index.asp?s_src=170960110000&s_subsrc=

Life is hard. but like I said now is the time to get on your knees and pray!!!!

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