Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pregnant... Again

Ive wanted to tell everyone!
I also wanted to keep it to myself FOREVER!
Well at least until I show.
Im 7 weeks 2 days along
Due June 16th....ish
If I follow the trend of my girls,
Maybe a May baby! (that was cute)
Im scared!
2 was good for me!
BUT God wants me to have at least 3.
I will go with what HE wants, do I have a choice...?
and I wanted to wait to tell you
until the shirts came,
They got lost in the mail.....
I watched them..
I tracked them!
You should have known earlier this week!
Oh well!
Did I mention Im scared!!!!
Em is still in our room!
Does not sleep through the night anymore!
Im sick!
This pregnancy,
like the others..
Has made me sick!
I threw up everything I ate for almost 2 days!
I called my OB and demanded Meds!
She gave them to me willingly!
I feel better,
Still very sick,
not throwing up
A BIG Plus!
They want me to stop breastfeeding!!!
Im torn !
I want to keep going,
but maybe she will sleep better with formula!
I gave it to her for the first time this week,
She is taking to it.
Still gets the breastmilk at night.
Its easier!

I put real pants on today!!
First time in a week!
Ive lived on the corner of my couch!
Em crawls to it.
Even if Im not there!
That tells you something!
I cant stop showering though!
It makes me feel better!
So Im a CLEAN bum!

I cant cook dinner!
I feel like a failure!
Nicks amazing though,
He understands!

I had a breakdown the other night
Bawling my eyes out!
It was bad.
Nick took care of it!
It was late!

The morning we found out.
I took the test.
knowing I was pregnant
(I just knew)
2 lines appeared,
I walked in the bedroom,
Nick still sound asleep,
And I said, Nick, Its positive! HA
He didnt believe me!
He took the test, went to the bathroom and read the box~
Then had the biggest goofiest grin on his face!
It was special!

Well there it is!
in a HUGE nutshell!

Im scared!


only 15 ish months apart!!!

We are nuts!

With God though,
We can do it!

Do you see it?

The new picture above?

Unexpected let me tell you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bed Head

A few months ago there was a post by another blogger, about bed head, she asked that we post photos of our bed head. Mine at the time was never that bad, NOW YIKES! Let me share my fun! HA:

I know! Super attractive, I know you feel super close to me now, think of my poor hubby, he wakes up to this! OR the days I forget to remove make-up the night before and I have black just smeared everywhere!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a ramble,....a scramble of words

Sleep is lacking.
Em wakes up CONSTANTLY each night.
Its all habit,
I know this.
This weekend,
Im gonna TRY to break it.!
She is moving out of our room!
Into the playroom.
Naps will be in her room (sharing with the Bo)
Im kinda scared...
No nervous
Its just change.

Im buying myself new clothing,
little by little,
oddly I dont wanna wear any of it,
not until I have more,
and it feels more complete....

I am becoming more and more aware
I SUCK at being a house wife.
I tell Nick that Im sorry for being a bad wife,
He tells me that Im a WONDERFUL wife,
just a sucky house keeper! HA
I do enjoy cooking dinner every night.
I do not like to do the dishes.

I am addicted to coke!
When Carls started selling 42 oz for a DOLLAR!
$1.09 total,
I was all over it!
a few times a week!
Its terrible..

Im truly stressed
about having to host this months Tea.
making snacks
having a bunch of people here
(actually I dont mind having people here)

Im doing a boutique next month!
For Sensaria.
I dont know what to do!
I want to grab peoples attention!
I dont want to spend money!

People keep posting on FB
about "coming out day"
Im not a homosexual hater.
Ive had friends.
Im just not ok with that,
being homosexual.
20 years ago
If you said,
"Two men want to get married"
People would have flipped!
So whats gonna happen 20 years from now!?!
It will be ok to marry a tree... a dog.... your brother.... A LITTLE GIRL!!
Why not if they love each other,
Who am I to say, or to keep them from each other!
I do feel its a choice.
People are born with a tendency to be a drug addict, alcoholic, murderer.
Why do we stop them?
I choose not to run my car into a guy that cut me off!

Im sorry, just going through my head.
I have a TON going through my head right now!
The biggest of which I can not share with you,
at least not at this time.
not until its all worked out.
figured out.
but know,
my head is spinning!
And would love your prayers!
That GODS will be done!

off to get the girls ready!
bye for now!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Free Giveaway!

THIS precious family is doing a Free Giveaway while they wait! Go Check it out!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010


  From Sensaria's blog: Whats in a Name?

It's Friday, so naturally, you expect to hear from Janet Therese, our Product Development & Education Manager.  And speaking of things that happen naturally, today Janet asked us to share some important information about truth-in-labeling regulations and why we proudly, truthfully and safely call ourselves a naturally-based skincare company.

Behind every Sensaria product stands science. Naturally.

Naturally based products are one of the leading trends in America today. When it comes to naturally based, we’re proud to say we were on the leading edge of this trend.

Sensaria Representatives are often questioned about why chemicals are listed on our labels if our products are naturally based. Simply put, every natural substance known to man and every natural or organic product on the market today is made up of ingredients that have chemical names and chemical formulations — and most of them are unpronounceable.

It’s really just semantics. Let me explain: consider honey. Could anything be more natural? But call it by another name, and that’s where things get complicated.

Honey is accurately and legally described as “Glucose Fructose” or “Sucrose Glucose” (with small amounts of hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid). Another version of the same honey can be described as 6-(hydroxymethyl) oxane-2, 3, 4, 5-tetrol.

Why is this important? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all ingredients (pronounceable, recognizable or not) be listed for every packaged product that is offered to the American consumer. This is true for food as well as health and beauty products and is a regulation that exists for everyone’s safety and well being.

So if you're wondering exactly what all those ingredients are in our Shower Sugars, 4-Step Skin Care products, Body Lotions, etc., you needn’t worry. Sensaria’s products contain no hazardous chemicals or dangerous additives. Our ingredients are taken from nature and combined —scientifically — to effectively provide us with all their naturally powerful benefits, with the FDA’s seal of approval.

At Sensaria, we do the science, follow the rules and make sure that it’s safe and effective for the whole family. Naturally!

Janet Therese
Product Development & Education Manager

Sensariality: What's In A Name?

Sensariality: What's In A Name?: "It's Friday, so naturally, you expect to hear from Janet Therese, our Product Development & Education Manager. And speaking of things that ..."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its Funny!

So Im a Sensaria Rep.
Im a Rep because I LOVE LOVE the products.
but since I am a Rep, it like my opinion on skin care doesnt matter.
like when people ask and I share stories about how it has helped others I know,
They look at me like Im making stuff up and lieing just to get a sale!
So not true. It frustrates me a bit!
Sensaria has AMAZING products. Naturally based.

Using the right skin care can cure all your problems.
if you have an acne problem and your using the wrong product, a product that almost makes your face squeak after using it, Your face is screaming NOOOOO then it over produces oils to compensate for everything you you stripped off.

Dry skin needs the proper moisutrizer, something that will penetrate, heal from below.

So many things. Your body as well. a body wash that isnt drying your skin out. I could go on and on all day!

I have my favorite products!
I am a Rep to make money, BUT more so I am a Rep to spread knowledge about proper skin care. And my love for it!
So I think once a week, Im gonna post a favorite product of mine, OR the special going on, or something to do with my business! Why not, others post about the bows they make, or the stuff they sell. This is my passion, I have put on hold for my kids!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

50 things

I did it! 50 facts about me!
  1. Im naturally blonde
  2. I was engaged 3 months after meeting Nick
  3. Married 3 months after that
  4. Nick was my very first kiss, on our wedding day.
  5. Im a leap year baby
  6. My first car was a 1990 Caca brown Astro van! 
  7. I put a 3 inch wide 7 inch long hole in said van by driving WAY to close to a fire hydrant.
  8. Im trying to stray away from FB to find real friends. 
  9. I dont post on FB that I have done a new blog. If your my friend, and a blogger, you see that Ive done a new blog.
  10. I love Jesus, I go to church twice a week. 
  11. I will be homeschooling my children.
  12. I LOVE TV, and movies, I really should cut back!
  13. My home is ALWAYS a mess! 
  14. As soon as I get home from anywhere, I remove my pants, I will either stay in my chones, or put on PJ pants. 
  15. I HATE when people wear shoes that shoe their toes and the nail polish is really grown out or chipped! Im guilty of it! 
  16. I have a hard time making friends. I come of mean, but Im not. 
  17. I have a secret! only 2 people know it.
  18. I left high school and got my GED. I HATED HS, was bored.
  19. Rain makes me very happy, I LOVE gloomy cool weather.
  20. I can not wait to move to Washington State!
  21. My dads guinea pig dad on my watch this past weekend.
  22. I went to 5 different elementary schools, 1 junior high and 2 high schools.
  23. We are in debt. and we see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  24. I went to cosmetology school, and I am licensed. 
  25. I LOVE skin care, amd honestly LOVE Sensaria! I think its great! 
  26. I REALLY wanted to be an esthetician, but the thought of popping zits on gross people, GROSSED me out!
  27. I CAN NOT hold my pee, Nick broke me when we got married, then I had Anbo, it was better, THEN I had Em, Im now broken again. Im ok if I know there isnt a toilet around (most the time) but once I know there is a toilet within a reasonable distance, its all over, I may or may not make it! So sad!
  28. I HATE flushing the toilet at night. 
  29. A crowded costco frustrates me!!! I have found Tuesday evenings are EMPTY. Its wonderful!
  30. I LOVE grape juice!!! 
  31. I am addicted to Coke/caffeine, but Coke yum, the bubbles, the sweetness, lots of ice! YUM!
  32. I have a real fear of an earthquake happening while Im cleaning out my ears.
  33. I owned a 1968 dodge dart, I loved it SOOO much. Some drunk/high guy hit me while I had both my siblings and a friends 2 year old in the car. It was a tank and saved all our lives!
  34. I have 2 younger siblings, a sister in Phoenix, a brother stationed in Japan!
  35. I miss my brother lots and lots!
  36. My sister and I just recently started getting along. I thank her boyfriend for that! I think he helped her grow up!
  37. I wish it bothered me when my home is a mess.
  38. Rather, I with it bothered me enough to clean it! (it does somewhat bother me)
  39. Besides being a mom, Starbucks was such a great job, my favorite!
  40. I love to cook, but hate to clean, so I dont cook much.
  41. I walked a marathon over 2 days to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer.
  42. I have 2 favorite princess', I love Ariels since of adventure, I love Snow Whites look, and she is just so sweet.
  43. I love Jellyfish, they are so relaxing to watch.
  44. Im a fiddler, if Im not twiddling something in my hands, then Im scraping my teeth, or picking at my arms, or something! I used to get in trouble all the time for playing with the chain hanging from the lamp next to my parents couch, or the leaves on plants!
  45. I would LOVE to be on a farm for a week, milk a cow, kill and pluck a chicken, gather eggs, just something I wanna do.
  46. I love watching how excited my eldest gets when she gets to go on a date with her daddy! 
  47. Back in ninth grade I saw Nick playing water polo against my school, When I saw him I told my friend that I was going to marry him. I didnt know him, nor did I see him again for a few years after that. 
  48. Creme Brulee is my absolute favorite dessert, and I hardly ever get it!
  49. I have no desire to have a boy! I love my girls so much! and if for some odd reason I got pregnant again, I would want another girl! (after I was done crying from the shock of me being pregnant, and not wanting another!)
  50. I hate characters! HAHA! I hate them on clothing, shoes, toys. Its fine for others, but I just hate them! 
OH and one more, I have 5 freckles that are in a straight line, all almost equally spaced from each other! I always thought, if someone were to make a clone of me, I better let my close friends and family know about these freckles so they can tell me apart from the clone! I know IM A WEIRDY!

Now I did it! Its your turn! Share 50 things about your self! I wanna read yours!