Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a ramble,....a scramble of words

Sleep is lacking.
Em wakes up CONSTANTLY each night.
Its all habit,
I know this.
This weekend,
Im gonna TRY to break it.!
She is moving out of our room!
Into the playroom.
Naps will be in her room (sharing with the Bo)
Im kinda scared...
No nervous
Its just change.

Im buying myself new clothing,
little by little,
oddly I dont wanna wear any of it,
not until I have more,
and it feels more complete....

I am becoming more and more aware
I SUCK at being a house wife.
I tell Nick that Im sorry for being a bad wife,
He tells me that Im a WONDERFUL wife,
just a sucky house keeper! HA
I do enjoy cooking dinner every night.
I do not like to do the dishes.

I am addicted to coke!
When Carls started selling 42 oz for a DOLLAR!
$1.09 total,
I was all over it!
a few times a week!
Its terrible..

Im truly stressed
about having to host this months Tea.
making snacks
having a bunch of people here
(actually I dont mind having people here)

Im doing a boutique next month!
For Sensaria.
I dont know what to do!
I want to grab peoples attention!
I dont want to spend money!

People keep posting on FB
about "coming out day"
Im not a homosexual hater.
Ive had friends.
Im just not ok with that,
being homosexual.
20 years ago
If you said,
"Two men want to get married"
People would have flipped!
So whats gonna happen 20 years from now!?!
It will be ok to marry a tree... a dog.... your brother.... A LITTLE GIRL!!
Why not if they love each other,
Who am I to say, or to keep them from each other!
I do feel its a choice.
People are born with a tendency to be a drug addict, alcoholic, murderer.
Why do we stop them?
I choose not to run my car into a guy that cut me off!

Im sorry, just going through my head.
I have a TON going through my head right now!
The biggest of which I can not share with you,
at least not at this time.
not until its all worked out.
figured out.
but know,
my head is spinning!
And would love your prayers!
That GODS will be done!

off to get the girls ready!
bye for now!

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