Friday, October 8, 2010


  From Sensaria's blog: Whats in a Name?

It's Friday, so naturally, you expect to hear from Janet Therese, our Product Development & Education Manager.  And speaking of things that happen naturally, today Janet asked us to share some important information about truth-in-labeling regulations and why we proudly, truthfully and safely call ourselves a naturally-based skincare company.

Behind every Sensaria product stands science. Naturally.

Naturally based products are one of the leading trends in America today. When it comes to naturally based, we’re proud to say we were on the leading edge of this trend.

Sensaria Representatives are often questioned about why chemicals are listed on our labels if our products are naturally based. Simply put, every natural substance known to man and every natural or organic product on the market today is made up of ingredients that have chemical names and chemical formulations — and most of them are unpronounceable.

It’s really just semantics. Let me explain: consider honey. Could anything be more natural? But call it by another name, and that’s where things get complicated.

Honey is accurately and legally described as “Glucose Fructose” or “Sucrose Glucose” (with small amounts of hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid). Another version of the same honey can be described as 6-(hydroxymethyl) oxane-2, 3, 4, 5-tetrol.

Why is this important? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all ingredients (pronounceable, recognizable or not) be listed for every packaged product that is offered to the American consumer. This is true for food as well as health and beauty products and is a regulation that exists for everyone’s safety and well being.

So if you're wondering exactly what all those ingredients are in our Shower Sugars, 4-Step Skin Care products, Body Lotions, etc., you needn’t worry. Sensaria’s products contain no hazardous chemicals or dangerous additives. Our ingredients are taken from nature and combined —scientifically — to effectively provide us with all their naturally powerful benefits, with the FDA’s seal of approval.

At Sensaria, we do the science, follow the rules and make sure that it’s safe and effective for the whole family. Naturally!

Janet Therese
Product Development & Education Manager

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