Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its Funny!

So Im a Sensaria Rep.
Im a Rep because I LOVE LOVE the products.
but since I am a Rep, it like my opinion on skin care doesnt matter.
like when people ask and I share stories about how it has helped others I know,
They look at me like Im making stuff up and lieing just to get a sale!
So not true. It frustrates me a bit!
Sensaria has AMAZING products. Naturally based.

Using the right skin care can cure all your problems.
if you have an acne problem and your using the wrong product, a product that almost makes your face squeak after using it, Your face is screaming NOOOOO then it over produces oils to compensate for everything you you stripped off.

Dry skin needs the proper moisutrizer, something that will penetrate, heal from below.

So many things. Your body as well. a body wash that isnt drying your skin out. I could go on and on all day!

I have my favorite products!
I am a Rep to make money, BUT more so I am a Rep to spread knowledge about proper skin care. And my love for it!
So I think once a week, Im gonna post a favorite product of mine, OR the special going on, or something to do with my business! Why not, others post about the bows they make, or the stuff they sell. This is my passion, I have put on hold for my kids!

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