Tuesday, October 5, 2010

50 things

I did it! 50 facts about me!
  1. Im naturally blonde
  2. I was engaged 3 months after meeting Nick
  3. Married 3 months after that
  4. Nick was my very first kiss, on our wedding day.
  5. Im a leap year baby
  6. My first car was a 1990 Caca brown Astro van! 
  7. I put a 3 inch wide 7 inch long hole in said van by driving WAY to close to a fire hydrant.
  8. Im trying to stray away from FB to find real friends. 
  9. I dont post on FB that I have done a new blog. If your my friend, and a blogger, you see that Ive done a new blog.
  10. I love Jesus, I go to church twice a week. 
  11. I will be homeschooling my children.
  12. I LOVE TV, and movies, I really should cut back!
  13. My home is ALWAYS a mess! 
  14. As soon as I get home from anywhere, I remove my pants, I will either stay in my chones, or put on PJ pants. 
  15. I HATE when people wear shoes that shoe their toes and the nail polish is really grown out or chipped! Im guilty of it! 
  16. I have a hard time making friends. I come of mean, but Im not. 
  17. I have a secret! only 2 people know it.
  18. I left high school and got my GED. I HATED HS, was bored.
  19. Rain makes me very happy, I LOVE gloomy cool weather.
  20. I can not wait to move to Washington State!
  21. My dads guinea pig dad on my watch this past weekend.
  22. I went to 5 different elementary schools, 1 junior high and 2 high schools.
  23. We are in debt. and we see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  24. I went to cosmetology school, and I am licensed. 
  25. I LOVE skin care, amd honestly LOVE Sensaria! I think its great! 
  26. I REALLY wanted to be an esthetician, but the thought of popping zits on gross people, GROSSED me out!
  27. I CAN NOT hold my pee, Nick broke me when we got married, then I had Anbo, it was better, THEN I had Em, Im now broken again. Im ok if I know there isnt a toilet around (most the time) but once I know there is a toilet within a reasonable distance, its all over, I may or may not make it! So sad!
  28. I HATE flushing the toilet at night. 
  29. A crowded costco frustrates me!!! I have found Tuesday evenings are EMPTY. Its wonderful!
  30. I LOVE grape juice!!! 
  31. I am addicted to Coke/caffeine, but Coke yum, the bubbles, the sweetness, lots of ice! YUM!
  32. I have a real fear of an earthquake happening while Im cleaning out my ears.
  33. I owned a 1968 dodge dart, I loved it SOOO much. Some drunk/high guy hit me while I had both my siblings and a friends 2 year old in the car. It was a tank and saved all our lives!
  34. I have 2 younger siblings, a sister in Phoenix, a brother stationed in Japan!
  35. I miss my brother lots and lots!
  36. My sister and I just recently started getting along. I thank her boyfriend for that! I think he helped her grow up!
  37. I wish it bothered me when my home is a mess.
  38. Rather, I with it bothered me enough to clean it! (it does somewhat bother me)
  39. Besides being a mom, Starbucks was such a great job, my favorite!
  40. I love to cook, but hate to clean, so I dont cook much.
  41. I walked a marathon over 2 days to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer.
  42. I have 2 favorite princess', I love Ariels since of adventure, I love Snow Whites look, and she is just so sweet.
  43. I love Jellyfish, they are so relaxing to watch.
  44. Im a fiddler, if Im not twiddling something in my hands, then Im scraping my teeth, or picking at my arms, or something! I used to get in trouble all the time for playing with the chain hanging from the lamp next to my parents couch, or the leaves on plants!
  45. I would LOVE to be on a farm for a week, milk a cow, kill and pluck a chicken, gather eggs, just something I wanna do.
  46. I love watching how excited my eldest gets when she gets to go on a date with her daddy! 
  47. Back in ninth grade I saw Nick playing water polo against my school, When I saw him I told my friend that I was going to marry him. I didnt know him, nor did I see him again for a few years after that. 
  48. Creme Brulee is my absolute favorite dessert, and I hardly ever get it!
  49. I have no desire to have a boy! I love my girls so much! and if for some odd reason I got pregnant again, I would want another girl! (after I was done crying from the shock of me being pregnant, and not wanting another!)
  50. I hate characters! HAHA! I hate them on clothing, shoes, toys. Its fine for others, but I just hate them! 
OH and one more, I have 5 freckles that are in a straight line, all almost equally spaced from each other! I always thought, if someone were to make a clone of me, I better let my close friends and family know about these freckles so they can tell me apart from the clone! I know IM A WEIRDY!

Now I did it! Its your turn! Share 50 things about your self! I wanna read yours!


  1. Tess, I have never commented on your blog but I found your blog through Jodi. I hope you don't mind me following!

    I love you 50 things!! Hilarious and honest!

  2. I loved it! I can relate to the whole mess thing. I think it's awesome that your husband was your first kiss! There aren't many people that can say that. :)

  3. SWEET. You ARE pretty weird. Aren't we all though. 44 and 48 I am THE SAME! I think it's OCD.
    Adam would love you...he had a Dodge Dart too in high school, loved the thing....Estetician would be awesome except for yeh, that lovely little fact, popping your own zits it fun. others, YUCK!
    Where are your freckles in a row? Or do i not wanna know?

  4. I only didn't know number 32!! Why haven't you told me that?! jk, lol. actually I didn't know the one about fb either but I recently did the same thing!