Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Oh so bright light!

I will be homeschooling my children.
cuz I feel thats what God wants me to do.
He blessed me with these girls.
Its my job as a mom to take care of them
to protect them
to teach them God's word
to know what is being put into their heads!

I discipline my children.
mainly just one as of now.
I do my best to set boundaries,
I expect for her to abide them.

Im trying to surround myself,
with people who care about their children,
people who will discipline,
who CARE ENOUGH to do so.
People who I can allow my daughters around.
People who respect my rules in my home.

Choosing friends is hard.
Finding people with similar values.
In todays day, its hard to find people with any!

I want to get plugged in...
at my church.
Im so glad to have found a home church.
I love the pastor,
though he is short! HA
Really I dont mind,
just trying to be funny!

Anbo loves our church,
I still havent put Em in the nursery!
Im scared,
its a big step!

I dont know how to use google reader,
it overwhelms me!

Nick loves me!
I was once jealous of others hubbies,
picking people apart
wanting him to be more like this person or that,
but you NEVER know whats behind closed doors!
I now know, I am the LUCKIEST woman!
Nick is SO perfect for me!
And he is THE perfect daddy!

I couldnt ask for more in my little family!
I keep getting asked when Im having the next!
2 is perfect! I dont plan on more!
Though if God feels fit,
I will have more,
I have always felt its not up to me.
I DO NOT want 18!!
Im not a nut job!
more kids, not my thing,
I think if I became preggo,
I would cry! (not happy)
But then would accept what God wanted!

How I hate thee!
Though its our fault.
We were not smart.
Dave Ramsey
He is helping so much!
Im so happy!!!
We see a light,
at the end of this tunnel!
We have been made fun of a little!
we will see who is laughing when we are out of debt,
and we are rolling in the dough! HAHA

I need new clothing!
I want to be cute,
not wear the same thing,
I want a slight rocker look!
clean, fun, me!


  1. ...and hello there! You are amazing for sharing all that. I do agree with a lot of that. Raising my kids around the people with like never know whats behind closed doors, very true. Everyone has there flaws.
    And you should do that "what I wore wednesday." I want to but with the constant spit up I think I'll wait until this time in my life is over. It seems like it would get me wanting to dress cute. Chat soon!

  2. Finding friends...tough ugh! Though I'm glad we have you guys. But I totally am with you on that! And I'm so with you on Dave Ramsey and our debt. Yay for living like no one else so we can live like no one else. (that is how he says it right ? Haha)