Thursday, September 9, 2010

Emmy Lane 6 Months

Time sure has flown by! I just love and adore her, she is so much like her big sister, yet so very very different!

*At this time she is still strictly breastfed (YAY ME, haha Anbo was only fed for 4 weeks, I dried up so this is a HUGE accomplishment!)
*She has NO interest in food, we tried, so we are going to wait til 7 months
*She is still in our room, this is because of the sharing rooms, I dont know that Anbo will take that to well
*Em sleeps really well, 5+ hours straight, she will wake eat for 5 minutes and be right back to sleep.
*She "talks" CONSTANTLY, mamama bababa so on
*She has a tooth just sitting below the surface of the skin, its been sitting there for about a month.
*DROOLER, a constant faucet
*sleeps on her tum
*she can push her way to get things she want that are out of reach,
*also spins in circles.
*Anbo and Em just adore each other
*Em is always smiling and is really just a fantastic child
*Small describes my little one, at this time she is 13 pounds 2 ounces, 5th-10th percentile and 50th% for height.

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