Saturday, September 18, 2010

I wanna ramble

I love rambling,
I LOVE reading peoples rambling!
But I would wanna ramble everyday!
Would you be ok with that?
I guess you dont have to read it.
I guess I could just go and go!

I went to Knotts today,
we had fun!
The girls played
They bounced
rode cars
rode The Log Ride!
Anbo LOVED it!
Em is always all smiles!
Though I felt as if people gave me a hard time about it!
It kinda hurt my heart!
I deleted the photo off FB!

We have newish great friends!
I LOVE that Nick has a guy friend,
He is on a Man Date with him as we speak!
He needs a good friend or 2 its always been just me!
Its hard for him, he is shy (ish)
We have a lot in common with them,
So its fun.

Anbo has hit her terrible twos!
I know Im lucky
She has hit them late!
So mischievous!
NUTS I Tell ya!
We shall live though!

Weight has been on my mind lately
I have so much to loose!
I know I dont
I feel like I embarrass Nick.
I wanna look good for him
So Im gonna make a better effort.

Im a house wife.
A mom.
The house wife part sucks.
look to my right~>
a pile of clean clothes
to my left<~
a pile of the girls clean clothes!
In front of me ^ toys!
Its a mess! Crumbs to! YUCK!

I just need to go through
do a DEEP clean!
Get rid of everything!
Maybe that will help!
We have a lot of crap.

I think Ive rambled enough...
Im sure I will have more
This is fun
Im also gonna try to post...
Post more pictures!

thanks for listening!


  1. Nice job girl! I love it!
    And don't let people bug you! I havethe same problem everyday! Got a
    quotable Sunday just for you, and me too for that matter!

  2. Love the rambling! So fun...i wanna do it too. Sorry people can be so opinionated, especially when its not solicited! You're girls are happy and healthy and love their mama...oopps..i mean mommy :)