Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Oh so bright light!

I will be homeschooling my children.
cuz I feel thats what God wants me to do.
He blessed me with these girls.
Its my job as a mom to take care of them
to protect them
to teach them God's word
to know what is being put into their heads!

I discipline my children.
mainly just one as of now.
I do my best to set boundaries,
I expect for her to abide them.

Im trying to surround myself,
with people who care about their children,
people who will discipline,
who CARE ENOUGH to do so.
People who I can allow my daughters around.
People who respect my rules in my home.

Choosing friends is hard.
Finding people with similar values.
In todays day, its hard to find people with any!

I want to get plugged in...
at my church.
Im so glad to have found a home church.
I love the pastor,
though he is short! HA
Really I dont mind,
just trying to be funny!

Anbo loves our church,
I still havent put Em in the nursery!
Im scared,
its a big step!

I dont know how to use google reader,
it overwhelms me!

Nick loves me!
I was once jealous of others hubbies,
picking people apart
wanting him to be more like this person or that,
but you NEVER know whats behind closed doors!
I now know, I am the LUCKIEST woman!
Nick is SO perfect for me!
And he is THE perfect daddy!

I couldnt ask for more in my little family!
I keep getting asked when Im having the next!
2 is perfect! I dont plan on more!
Though if God feels fit,
I will have more,
I have always felt its not up to me.
I DO NOT want 18!!
Im not a nut job!
more kids, not my thing,
I think if I became preggo,
I would cry! (not happy)
But then would accept what God wanted!

How I hate thee!
Though its our fault.
We were not smart.
Dave Ramsey
He is helping so much!
Im so happy!!!
We see a light,
at the end of this tunnel!
We have been made fun of a little!
we will see who is laughing when we are out of debt,
and we are rolling in the dough! HAHA

I need new clothing!
I want to be cute,
not wear the same thing,
I want a slight rocker look!
clean, fun, me!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What if I Stumble.....

I have Stumbled, I have fallen, I think the life of a believer, a follower of Christ, is a hard one to live!
I try to live as an example of love, patience, but I fail, I fail daily!
This is something Im working on! I so need to put more trust in my Father! This song has always been a favorite, and Ive listened to it over and over the past few days. you can listen to it HERE!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ear Wax

I was up really late again last night.
Nick has had EARLY job sites.
Em digestion track is off.
With eating real food.
poor thing is GASSY.
Finally pooped last night.

Need to go grocery shopping.
Cup o noodles doesnt cut it!
Its been so long.

Im driving to Phoenix  on Friday.
Just me, Em and the bestie.
Should be fun.
Nick and Anbo for the whole weekend!
I hope she is her normal self.

I CANT STAND ear wax.
makes me gag.
Seeing it in kids ears BLEH!
Seeing it in adults ears DOUBLE BLEH!
Baby q-tips are wonderful!

Im addicted to Nip/Tuck.
Its a TERRIBLE show!
Theres something about it,
It intrigues me.

Nicks birthday is in a week.
I dont know what to get him.
something cheap.

and something he wants.

I weighed Anbo.
25.2 pounds!
HA she is so little!

Im working on the weight thing.
worked out yesterday.
and today.

Might take the girls on a walk.
To Joes.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I wanna ramble

I love rambling,
I LOVE reading peoples rambling!
But I would wanna ramble everyday!
Would you be ok with that?
I guess you dont have to read it.
I guess I could just go and go!

I went to Knotts today,
we had fun!
The girls played
They bounced
rode cars
rode The Log Ride!
Anbo LOVED it!
Em is always all smiles!
Though I felt as if people gave me a hard time about it!
It kinda hurt my heart!
I deleted the photo off FB!

We have newish great friends!
I LOVE that Nick has a guy friend,
He is on a Man Date with him as we speak!
He needs a good friend or 2 its always been just me!
Its hard for him, he is shy (ish)
We have a lot in common with them,
So its fun.

Anbo has hit her terrible twos!
I know Im lucky
She has hit them late!
So mischievous!
NUTS I Tell ya!
We shall live though!

Weight has been on my mind lately
I have so much to loose!
I know I dont
I feel like I embarrass Nick.
I wanna look good for him
So Im gonna make a better effort.

Im a house wife.
A mom.
The house wife part sucks.
look to my right~>
a pile of clean clothes
to my left<~
a pile of the girls clean clothes!
In front of me ^ toys!
Its a mess! Crumbs to! YUCK!

I just need to go through
do a DEEP clean!
Get rid of everything!
Maybe that will help!
We have a lot of crap.

I think Ive rambled enough...
Im sure I will have more
This is fun
Im also gonna try to post...
Post more pictures!

thanks for listening!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Emmy Lane 6 Months

Time sure has flown by! I just love and adore her, she is so much like her big sister, yet so very very different!

*At this time she is still strictly breastfed (YAY ME, haha Anbo was only fed for 4 weeks, I dried up so this is a HUGE accomplishment!)
*She has NO interest in food, we tried, so we are going to wait til 7 months
*She is still in our room, this is because of the sharing rooms, I dont know that Anbo will take that to well
*Em sleeps really well, 5+ hours straight, she will wake eat for 5 minutes and be right back to sleep.
*She "talks" CONSTANTLY, mamama bababa so on
*She has a tooth just sitting below the surface of the skin, its been sitting there for about a month.
*DROOLER, a constant faucet
*sleeps on her tum
*she can push her way to get things she want that are out of reach,
*also spins in circles.
*Anbo and Em just adore each other
*Em is always smiling and is really just a fantastic child
*Small describes my little one, at this time she is 13 pounds 2 ounces, 5th-10th percentile and 50th% for height.


Tomorrow we make our way up the coast 2 hours! I will be spending the night there THEN wake up early Saturday morning and Walk Walk Walk!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUPER EXCITED! Its gonna be a great experience, it will be fun to see all the different people, of all ages and all different stages in life! Also to meet new people! This will be an adventure and Im not stressing about it at all, I know to take it one step at a time and to just enjoy every moment of it! The weather is supposed to be AMAZING, though I just checked and its supposed to be warmer than when I originally looked :o/.

Prayer request!!! : Right now I have a bug, every time I eat, that food just flows straight out of me! I really REALLY want to walk! But if this continues, I can get dehydrated, and I do not want that, and I cant walk!

SO PRAY! Thanks guys! Im excited!