Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Move

Some people have asked, "have you found a place yet."

We decided on putting off on the move for a few months.
wait till after the wedding..
after baby #3 is here.

Just sit and wait.
a few doors have been shut.
I feel God is saying, just hold on.
Things are panning out and waiting and praying seems like the right thing to do right now.

Something else that's annoying. My shift key doesn't always work! ARG! haha

I will try to add some photos soon!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

cute or horrible!

This morning Anbo wanted to play with puzzles.
Usually this task takes place at the kitchen table where baby sister cant reach.
Our kitchen table at this moment, is not really usable, its covered in boxes and packing materials.
So I sent her to her room, a stack of puzzles in hand, we turned on some tunes and closed the door.

I then needed something to keep the littlest entertained while I FINALLY did some stuff around the home.
I went into her room, I grabbed a Baby Signing Time DVD, When Em saw me grab it she darted to the toddler rocking chair, pulled Anbos bag off it, and reclined herself in front of the TV.
I thought it was the cutest thing, but at the same time, I felt a little guilty. They dont watch much TV and I think she is just mimicking her big sister!

On a fun note, she just crawled up to me and signed milk for the first time!!!

I think this is the first or second time she has seen the DVD.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am so overwhelmed!
My life is SUPER crazy right now!
As I know each of you care,
Im gonna list it out,
so if I seem lost and gone....

My little sister is getting married! May 6th
Im soooooo excited!
Her man is an amazing guy.
My life is wrapped out this. Anything she asks of me, I am doing.
Researching this and that.
Driving out to AZ to shop.
I just drop and roll!

Im planning her girly Bridal Shower!
I am though making it oh so super simple!
and it will be great!
(I pray!)

Our home is getting put on the rental market.
There are a few things they are doing first.
BUT people will be in my home looking at it.
SOO I have to make sure its in viewing conditions at all times!
Thats stressful in and of its self!

Im helping with a baby shower this up coming weekend!
Im so excited for my friend.
I cant wait for the shower!
But Im also ready for it to be done!

We have decided to move.
our last day here is April 17th.
We do not have a new home yet.
We have lost 3 places so far.
SO discouraging.
Right now our condo faces a court yard, and the car is parked far away.
Which I dont mind, but with baby #3 almost here, Its a long haul, there is no way I can do anything.
So we are looking for a place with an attached garage!

We are moving!
We need to pack.
Pack and keep our home presentable!

Im having a baby!
She is due June 17th.
A was 12 days early!
E was over 3 weeks early.
SO Im guessing P will be early as well!
We shall see!

Im overwhelmed. Im stressed, and I have shed many tears!
BUT Im trying to be strong, and not an emotional pregnant lady!
I dont want Nick to know how stressed I am!

If you know me, you know I tend to get overwhelmed easily! 

So right now.
Im off to clean the kitchen!
Im gonna make myself a big ole glass of Iced Tea first.

Thanks and sorry for being a downer!

(Im coming back and marking off as I get em done.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Her Outfit!

My little Angel is a One year Old!! ONE! I cant believe it! This past year flew by so fast.
I have WONDERFUL friends who helped me put together the outfit she wore for her big (very small) party! So I want to share since I thought she looked cute as can be!

above: Her skirt is a bit long, My sister bought that at Target for her, BUT do you see those pink and grey striped beauties sticking out from under it, yes those were made by OLIVE BLUE! oh how I love them and they looked SO CUTE! She makes all sorts of colors and designs!

Now the shirt was bought at Target, BUT the one was stitched on with Love by Rock A Bow
(I linked you up to her blog, as I think its amazing and YOU should follow it! You can find her shop button there as well)
She is working so hard to get her business up and going again! She is making the CUTEST headbands for all ages, as well as "revamping" shirts to add a little zest to your little ones clothing!

This little rosette clippie was custom made for this outfit , I am in LOVE with it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I may not give it back to my daughter I love it so much! It will most likely be seen in my hair! ROCK A BOW made this beauty as well! and I couldnt be happier with it!

Some of you may be annoyed that I keep posting about my friends! BUT I think they are AMAZING and make such CUTE things!

Some things I had a hard time picturing myself wearing, like Olive Blues Cowls, though I dont own one, YET, Ive messed around with fabric around my neck and I LOVE it! It adds a boost to your look! And since you can pin a brooch on it to make it that much better, you have a million possibilities!

Just step out of your comfort zone of clothing and hair accessories, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find!

PS. I dare you to click all the various links above! Grab a towel. You'll need it to wipe the drool off your chin!
and after youve check out their work, Come back to me and tell me what your favorite things were! Im so curious! PLUS I like to know that someone has read this, so a comment would be fun! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011