Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am so overwhelmed!
My life is SUPER crazy right now!
As I know each of you care,
Im gonna list it out,
so if I seem lost and gone....

My little sister is getting married! May 6th
Im soooooo excited!
Her man is an amazing guy.
My life is wrapped out this. Anything she asks of me, I am doing.
Researching this and that.
Driving out to AZ to shop.
I just drop and roll!

Im planning her girly Bridal Shower!
I am though making it oh so super simple!
and it will be great!
(I pray!)

Our home is getting put on the rental market.
There are a few things they are doing first.
BUT people will be in my home looking at it.
SOO I have to make sure its in viewing conditions at all times!
Thats stressful in and of its self!

Im helping with a baby shower this up coming weekend!
Im so excited for my friend.
I cant wait for the shower!
But Im also ready for it to be done!

We have decided to move.
our last day here is April 17th.
We do not have a new home yet.
We have lost 3 places so far.
SO discouraging.
Right now our condo faces a court yard, and the car is parked far away.
Which I dont mind, but with baby #3 almost here, Its a long haul, there is no way I can do anything.
So we are looking for a place with an attached garage!

We are moving!
We need to pack.
Pack and keep our home presentable!

Im having a baby!
She is due June 17th.
A was 12 days early!
E was over 3 weeks early.
SO Im guessing P will be early as well!
We shall see!

Im overwhelmed. Im stressed, and I have shed many tears!
BUT Im trying to be strong, and not an emotional pregnant lady!
I dont want Nick to know how stressed I am!

If you know me, you know I tend to get overwhelmed easily! 

So right now.
Im off to clean the kitchen!
Im gonna make myself a big ole glass of Iced Tea first.

Thanks and sorry for being a downer!

(Im coming back and marking off as I get em done.)


  1. Hang in there? I know it doesn't help today to tell you that tomorrow (well, figuratively speaking) it will get easier.

  2. Hey girl...take a deep breath.

    Know that all of it is in God's hands and you just have to take one day at a time...

    I understand party planning gets soooo overwhelming but don't try to outdo yourself or anyone else, just try to have fun and enjoy the process.

    Keep trusting that God already knows where you are going to live and it's the perfect place you y'all.

    Love hearing your rants....hang in there!

  3. I understand about the whole moving thing. Packing sucks!! I'm cleaning stuff out and getting ready for own move. We still have to get the house ready for us to move into. Paint, clean, and whatever else God throws at us. Hang in there!

  4. Awwwww, I'm sorry you have so much on your plate right now. That IS totally overwhelming, even if a lot of it is good stuff (yay for your sister!). I always make a big list and then take great joy in crossing things off (add obvious things like "take a shower" just so you get the pleasure of crossing it off; haha). I'm thinking of you!! And, if you need me, I'm HERE!

  5. Aw Tess! I'm praying for ya girl! I will come help you pack, I promise! When is a good time? Noah gets out of school at 1, or I can come around 4:30 with just Caitlin. Let me know! We've moved so much, I know how crazy it is!

    You're a strong woman, God is good and He will guide you through this!

  6. Sorry things are so crazy right now friend! It will get easier but you know that and I know it doesn't help. Just make sure to get lots of rest, you need it!