Sunday, December 8, 2013

40 things

A few weeks ago, a friend gave me 12 things I had to write about me, on FB. I had this post already started. Though more than 12 things.... It should work.. Eh.....

1) Hate wooden utensils or pop cycle stick.... nails on chalk board! UGH! I eat my frozen treats until there is barely enough covering the stick, then either throw it away or give it to Nick, before my mouth touches the stick!

2) Hate paper straws, though cute... They taste like paper! ICK! and kinda like the stick thing...

3) Love stripes! Shirts blankets nails... LOVE

4) Hate 'juicy ears'. Yeah its what I call it. Sometimes when I have slept on one side of my head the ear wax or something is a little watery, I HATE it!

5) Qtips when cleaning my ears I typically lock the door, so no one will accidentally bump me. Seriously scared of an earthquake while doing so as well. AHHHH

6) Love birds of prey. The turkey vultures that fly over my home are majestic. I also think I could be a bird watcher. I think it would be cool!!!

7) My favorite animal is an octopus and a Jelly Fish. Oh their beauty! An octopus is smart, and just so cool!

8) Robots are awesome. 

9) Swallows are a favorite. They are so pretty. I love watching them fly as well. 

12) I love lotr, Star Wars, the hobbit. I've seen shooter, pirates and little mermaid a million times. 

13) I have nigh night movies, Yeaaaah When Nick is out of town, there are a few movies that calm me and I can watch over and over!Put me to sleep...

14) I've always wanted to be a runner, and still hope to be one day. Nothing stopping me, but me!

15) Snow White is my favorite princess, shes so pretty and sweet! Ariel rocks it too, her attitude to life is fun and adventurous!!! I wrote an essay on Ariel once.(now that I have kids, she is not a very good listener....)

16) I used to have a 1968 dodge dart. I LOVED that car. Someone crashed into it while I was driving to church with my siblings and a 2 year old I was babysitting, totaled. Can't wait to own a classic again one day!!!

17) In high school I was called smurfette. Blue hair...

18) Pink is my favorite color. I also love leopard and glitter. 

20) I have a fear of my hubster dying, Ive cried thinking about it.

21) Minnie Mouse is adorable. 

22) Ive always loved polka dots!!

23) I LOVE cold drink tumblers!

24) I also love plastic straws! I have a ton of reusable ones! LOVE!

25) I was born a blond.. under all this color Im a dirty blond

26) Im working on having a plant based diet.

27) I watch veggie documentaries and they talk about the abuse of animals, and how they are killed inhumanly... Which I agree is terrible.... BUT all I can think about is all the babies being murdered by abortion.....

28) Gnomes are great! I have an awesome one in my yard, I want more!!!I LOVED the show 'David the Gnome' as a kid

29) I love coloring my hair.

30) Since getting married in 2003, Nick and I have lived in 7 places! Moving 6 times together! Errr YIKES!

31) Im a licensed cosmetologist.

32) I wanna learn to swing dance! I have since Jr High... Never really learned, though Ive been on the dance floor a couple times.

33) I miscarried our first babe in September of 2005

34) Im a leap year baby. Ive only had 7 birthDAYs.

35) I celebrate Feb 28th, I was born in Feb, not March.

36) My hubby was my first kiss, on our wedding day.

37) I have dreams of moving out of state, Seattle, Portland, & Denver are at the top of that list.

38) Im pretty shy, I shut down easily..

39) BUT Once Im comfortable, Im good.

40) I LOVE and adore cardigans. Ive got a closet full...