Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorite

This is my Friday Favorite, well everyday. This is by far my favorite thing after I give birth, my heart just about explodes, there is something about the daddy/child moment.





Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our weight loss...err lifestyle change

A year and a half ago I joined a weight-loss challenge, I lost 27 pounds and was sooooo stoked.
I was doing weightloss shakes, which were so tasty and worked.
They were also pricey and I couldnt keep it up. So the weight came back...

A few weeks ago hubby and I watched 2 documentaries, so much info, and so helpful. That paired with a friend who has a passion for GOOD, REAL food, we decided to change. To change our lifestyle, in hopes to change our lives for the better, forever!

We are 3 weeks in, Ive lost 1.1 pounds shy of 10 pounds! WHY? Cuz we are eating REAL food!!!

We gave up meat, CRAZY! We are not against eating meat, and we might eat it if we are out and about, at a friends for dinner, or something along those lines, but trying to avoid it. If you know me, you know I LOVE meat, I especially LOVE cow! haha so far I havent craved it or even really wanted it.

We eat LOTS and LOTS of organic fruits and veggies, with the money we are saving from meat! We hit up sprouts weekly, and will start hitting up mothers market, as thats all they sell, Organic or farm fresh! ( we havent been able to make it out to our local farmers market yet, we keep forgetting.) I desperately want to join a CSA type program, hopefully soon.

Packaged food is so easy and we have it, but if we cant read all the ingredients we try to avoid it.

My breakfast is Oatmeal, and soon switching over to steel cut oats. I like my oatmeal BARELY cooked, not mushy. I add a tablespoon of Chia seeds, and or a tablespoon or Qia (LOVE Qia) and I 'sweeten' it with sweetened vanilla almond milk.

Lunch has been quinoa with veggies and nuts or BIG salads, with lots and lots of veggies and sunflower seed, chia seeds. Dinner looks similar.

Dessert, yup, Chia pudding with sweetened vanilla almond milk, and berries.

Sweetened vanilla milk is one of my down falls, I use it to sweeten my coffee, oatmeal, chai tea, chia puddin... For other milk things, like cereal, we use unsweetened almond milk, from traders or sprouts.

Ive given up dairy all together, as I think Gunnar has a sensitivity towards it.

Nick and I ate at a vegetarian,  restaurant recently and it was DELICIOUS!

I will also say how much I LOVE blended coffee drinks and have been just having one no more than once a week and I get the smallest they have. Its my treat, and keeps me sane! :o) Other than that I get iced tea.

I read once, and I dont remember where, weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% what you do.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5, 3, 2, and 2 months

In attempt to stall me, as they were taking a short while, the barista at the starbucks drive thru made small talk.

B- 'So are you on your way home from work?'
Me- 'No Im a stay at home mommy.'
B- 'Oh, how many kids do you have?'
Me- ' Just 4' (I say this for kicks and giggles.. JUST... HA... though I dont think 4 is a lot many people do)
B- eyes big, turns around and walks away to check on my drink, comes back. 'So how old are they'
Me-'5, 3, 2 and 2 months'
B- eyes almost popping out of his head, 'Wow, so this is your break, did you say 2 month old? Where are you off to, for your break?'
Me-' Yup 2 months' points to the back where little mister is stiring. ' Im on my way to a home school meeting.'
B-' oh like PTA or something, NO, you said homeschool.'
Me- 'I know you think Im a nut ball'
B-'No I think its great, your kids get to have you all the time, and your always with them, thats wonderful, they are lucky.'
Me- 'Yes I think so too!!!'
He then handed me my drink and I pulled away.

I found it so odd, that he went from baffled at the amount of kids I had to amazed, in a good way, that I home school. His whole demeanor changed.

Maybe he didnt have a mom who was around a lot. Maybe she didnt care about what he did. He may be aching. He may want and desire that love and attention from his mom. There are so many kids/ teens/ adults who desire that.

So many people see school as almost a day care, a break away from the kids. Trust me when I say, I see the appeal in having a few hours to myself. I just dont see the appeal in giving my children over to strangers, and a few hundred students to raise them for me. I understand that people feel that homeschooling isnt for everyone, and that very well may be true.

For my family, and our right now.. It is...

I may not have degrees in teaching, but I have a love for my children more than you can imagine. Homeschooling isnt what so many people think it is. There are SOOOO many resources, so many things to do to get your kids the proper education. Im excited to be in this journey with my family. Im excited to have an AMAZING support group. The next few (20+) years are not going to be easy, but Im willing to walk that road and learn.

**If you have chosen to send your little to public school, no judgement from me, its a choice you made with your spouse and heavenly father..

I hope to blog weekly about our activities and fun we are having!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites

Ive been wanting to blog again. More constantly... I have a few half written blogs.. Stuff Im afraid to post, or my thoughts are just to mumble jumbled to post...

So lets start simple. I have a lot of favorite things, and new favorite things all the time. I always wanna share.

My favorite thing this week is the 'Wubbanub'. My first 3 kids didn't care for the pacifier. My eldest found her fingers and the other 2 didn't suck on anything. This little man of mine, LOVES to suck. He is most definitely a comfort sucker to the T. The thing wouldnt stay in his mouth... I searched for a solution, and found this cute lil guy. It rests on Gunnars tummy and it helps support the pacifier in his mouth, so far the thing is GREAT! Its come out a couple time, nothings perfect, but with this the paci has stayed in 85% longer..Its great!!!
Dino power

Have you used one on your little?

We bought ours on

Until Next weeks Friday Favorite.