Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5, 3, 2, and 2 months

In attempt to stall me, as they were taking a short while, the barista at the starbucks drive thru made small talk.

B- 'So are you on your way home from work?'
Me- 'No Im a stay at home mommy.'
B- 'Oh, how many kids do you have?'
Me- ' Just 4' (I say this for kicks and giggles.. JUST... HA... though I dont think 4 is a lot many people do)
B- eyes big, turns around and walks away to check on my drink, comes back. 'So how old are they'
Me-'5, 3, 2 and 2 months'
B- eyes almost popping out of his head, 'Wow, so this is your break, did you say 2 month old? Where are you off to, for your break?'
Me-' Yup 2 months' points to the back where little mister is stiring. ' Im on my way to a home school meeting.'
B-' oh like PTA or something, NO, you said homeschool.'
Me- 'I know you think Im a nut ball'
B-'No I think its great, your kids get to have you all the time, and your always with them, thats wonderful, they are lucky.'
Me- 'Yes I think so too!!!'
He then handed me my drink and I pulled away.

I found it so odd, that he went from baffled at the amount of kids I had to amazed, in a good way, that I home school. His whole demeanor changed.

Maybe he didnt have a mom who was around a lot. Maybe she didnt care about what he did. He may be aching. He may want and desire that love and attention from his mom. There are so many kids/ teens/ adults who desire that.

So many people see school as almost a day care, a break away from the kids. Trust me when I say, I see the appeal in having a few hours to myself. I just dont see the appeal in giving my children over to strangers, and a few hundred students to raise them for me. I understand that people feel that homeschooling isnt for everyone, and that very well may be true.

For my family, and our right now.. It is...

I may not have degrees in teaching, but I have a love for my children more than you can imagine. Homeschooling isnt what so many people think it is. There are SOOOO many resources, so many things to do to get your kids the proper education. Im excited to be in this journey with my family. Im excited to have an AMAZING support group. The next few (20+) years are not going to be easy, but Im willing to walk that road and learn.

**If you have chosen to send your little to public school, no judgement from me, its a choice you made with your spouse and heavenly father..

I hope to blog weekly about our activities and fun we are having!

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