Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites

Ive been wanting to blog again. More constantly... I have a few half written blogs.. Stuff Im afraid to post, or my thoughts are just to mumble jumbled to post...

So lets start simple. I have a lot of favorite things, and new favorite things all the time. I always wanna share.

My favorite thing this week is the 'Wubbanub'. My first 3 kids didn't care for the pacifier. My eldest found her fingers and the other 2 didn't suck on anything. This little man of mine, LOVES to suck. He is most definitely a comfort sucker to the T. The thing wouldnt stay in his mouth... I searched for a solution, and found this cute lil guy. It rests on Gunnars tummy and it helps support the pacifier in his mouth, so far the thing is GREAT! Its come out a couple time, nothings perfect, but with this the paci has stayed in 85% longer..Its great!!!
Dino power

Have you used one on your little?

We bought ours on

Until Next weeks Friday Favorite.

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