Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ear Wax

I was up really late again last night.
Nick has had EARLY job sites.
Em digestion track is off.
With eating real food.
poor thing is GASSY.
Finally pooped last night.

Need to go grocery shopping.
Cup o noodles doesnt cut it!
Its been so long.

Im driving to Phoenix  on Friday.
Just me, Em and the bestie.
Should be fun.
Nick and Anbo for the whole weekend!
I hope she is her normal self.

I CANT STAND ear wax.
makes me gag.
Seeing it in kids ears BLEH!
Seeing it in adults ears DOUBLE BLEH!
Baby q-tips are wonderful!

Im addicted to Nip/Tuck.
Its a TERRIBLE show!
Theres something about it,
It intrigues me.

Nicks birthday is in a week.
I dont know what to get him.
something cheap.

and something he wants.

I weighed Anbo.
25.2 pounds!
HA she is so little!

Im working on the weight thing.
worked out yesterday.
and today.

Might take the girls on a walk.
To Joes.

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