Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pregnant... Again

Ive wanted to tell everyone!
I also wanted to keep it to myself FOREVER!
Well at least until I show.
Im 7 weeks 2 days along
Due June 16th....ish
If I follow the trend of my girls,
Maybe a May baby! (that was cute)
Im scared!
2 was good for me!
BUT God wants me to have at least 3.
I will go with what HE wants, do I have a choice...?
and I wanted to wait to tell you
until the shirts came,
They got lost in the mail.....
I watched them..
I tracked them!
You should have known earlier this week!
Oh well!
Did I mention Im scared!!!!
Em is still in our room!
Does not sleep through the night anymore!
Im sick!
This pregnancy,
like the others..
Has made me sick!
I threw up everything I ate for almost 2 days!
I called my OB and demanded Meds!
She gave them to me willingly!
I feel better,
Still very sick,
not throwing up
A BIG Plus!
They want me to stop breastfeeding!!!
Im torn !
I want to keep going,
but maybe she will sleep better with formula!
I gave it to her for the first time this week,
She is taking to it.
Still gets the breastmilk at night.
Its easier!

I put real pants on today!!
First time in a week!
Ive lived on the corner of my couch!
Em crawls to it.
Even if Im not there!
That tells you something!
I cant stop showering though!
It makes me feel better!
So Im a CLEAN bum!

I cant cook dinner!
I feel like a failure!
Nicks amazing though,
He understands!

I had a breakdown the other night
Bawling my eyes out!
It was bad.
Nick took care of it!
It was late!

The morning we found out.
I took the test.
knowing I was pregnant
(I just knew)
2 lines appeared,
I walked in the bedroom,
Nick still sound asleep,
And I said, Nick, Its positive! HA
He didnt believe me!
He took the test, went to the bathroom and read the box~
Then had the biggest goofiest grin on his face!
It was special!

Well there it is!
in a HUGE nutshell!

Im scared!


only 15 ish months apart!!!

We are nuts!

With God though,
We can do it!


  1. Wow Tess. That is nuts. God always has the best plan even if we can't see it. HE knows what HE is doing with your family and that precious little one inside of you. BUT oh man. I would be scared too. I would cry a lot too. I would doubt and run and hide. Let me know what I can do for you. I will be praying for you every day.

  2. You can do it! I know it looks scary now, but you're one Godly mommy, and I know that He'll be with you every step of the way! One of my very best friends is having baby #3, due December 13th. Baby #2 was born LAST December!! She kept breastfeeding until she was 7 months along, it's totally safe if you don't have contractions! I am going to be praying super hard that God gives you everything you need to parent 3 little ones under 4. I'm so excited for you, but super scared for you too. (I would cry so hard if I got pregnant again! I'm hoping Gods plans entail only 2 for me!) Let me know if I can help at all, like bring you dinner or help clean up your place!

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