Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This came to a dramatic stop the other night.
The past few weeks I have been in LOTS AND LOTS of pain while feeding her, you know when your pregnant and your super sensitive, yeah IT HURTS when your nursing your wee one.

Thats not what stopped me. It was the wee hours of the morning and the nursing was causing contractions, ones that hurt. I pulled Em off and that was the end. I cried, and cried. This time is so precious and special to me. I LOVE feeding her and being so close. I thought I had a month and a half left.

Now the weaning, its terrible. Im pumping just when I start feeling pain, and Im just pumping to take the edge off. I didnt wean Anbo, I dried up all on my own when she was 4ish weeks old. So this is new, its painful both physically and emotionally. I just about died this morning when Em was trying so hard to get to the goods she was fussing and whining, It hurt me!

Ok Im dont ranting!

How are you guys doing?


  1. Awe. sorry to here you are having to wean. I understand completely...but jus tthink you'll have another one here in no time and you get to start all over. ;)
    Hope things get better with her soon!

  2. It is painful, I went through it with Austin--20 years ago. Know that she will be okay, even if she whines a little while searching for the "goods". You are doing a wonderful job with your sweet little girls!

  3. I'm so sorry you have to go through this! Take comfort knowing you really do need to do this, and maybe Em will still remember after Penelope is born! I've read that giving her a lovey of some sort, like thos little blankies that are part blankey, part stuffed animal, help make the transition easier.