Thursday, November 3, 2011

Need YOU to choose!

Do you ever wanna take a photo of your hair, and you just dont know how to pose.. What kinda facial expression should you have? lighting? Yeah, I have that problem (keeping nothing from you, scroll down, far, there is like 15 photos):

I do know NOT to take a photo from below, do that and Im welcoming double chin heaven all up on the photo....No one wants that... NO ONE!
My hair is currently, kinda the above color, I think its a little Oranger in person.
Im torn, on whether to change it....
I can keep it the above color for awhile longer, I do really like it.
I can go Red, like Red Red, like yeah, red, not red head orange red, like it is now, more crayon deep red...
OR I can go Black. With red chunks. Thats fun.
Its all fun.

I LOVE coloring my hair!

SO You pick! and I will color my hair whatever has the most votes!

a) Keep it as is for now
b) Crayon deep red
c) Black with colored chunks

Try to comment below here on the blog if you can and not FB, but if FB is all you can do, thats fine!

Thanks friends!


  1. Well, I'm boring, so I say keep it for now! I think that color is really nice.

  2. I vote C. But I like black and I think it makes the color of your eyes stand out more. :)

  3. I like it the way it is!!! SOOO pretty!