Sunday, October 23, 2011


Recently I read a blog, she said something about how she dresses for other women and not for her hubby. I thought about that. I thought about it for a long while. I do the same. Its SOOO hard. Im in a MOPS group, they ALL dress so very cute, the young marrieds group Im in, yup dress so cute. Every where I turn! I of COURSE HAVE to fit in. After that post, I decided to make a little change.

My hubby is a jean and T-shirt kinda guy. SO Ive been wearing just that, a normal every day t-shirt with jeans, and he has complimented me! WOOO A COMPLIMENT LOVE it!
Ive been way more comfortable, and WAY more me.
Its been great!

I had a little bit of a hard time going to MOPS and to Bible study like that... I pushed through it, and Im glad I did.

Here is the blog post I read, in case your interested : On My Mind

Oh and, my hubby also prefers no make-up and natural hair.... I dont think Im ready for that... I LOVE make-up and hair!


  1. That's cool. I know! I hate how everyone always dressed soooo cute. Makes me feel like I don't ever fit in... fashion is just not my thing..

    too bad my hubby is the opposite - he would probably prefer that i put a little more into myself...

    Glad you are getting more attention from jeans! That's actually REALLY REALLY SWEET!!

  2. Good for you Tess! I think a lot of us moms can feel that way :)