Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 5 Complete!!!

On my mantle.
AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Over half finished!!! Last weigh in is March 5th!
This past week has been good. Nick let me buy a used jogging stroller off of Craigslist for my birthday gift!!! (let him off easy didnt I.....) I found a walk, that I like to walk, its about 45 minutes total and just about a mile and a half or so. Its down hill one way and UP hill the other. Its a good work out, especially carrying Penelope in the carrier and pushing the older 2 in the jogger. I have Anbo walk to the first half, but she has a hard time with the hill on the way home, OH and we stop off at the park part way through, and run around. I think I did this 4 times this past week.
Weigh in this morning I lost 3 pounds. BUT on my scale I lost 2 pounds, and Ive based everything I write on my blog off my scale, Im sticking with the 2!!!
Cheating with food hasnt been an option, and you know what, today has been 5 WEEKS no soda!! Im so happy! Still I have cravings for it... So many people said that craving would go away! NOPE! Lies I tell ya, LIES!
Im feeling better, I have more energy for the most part, and soon I will be more fit!!!
At the end of my challenge I will let you in on everything I have been doing! Stayed tuned!!!
Im looking forward to the rest of this week!
I hope and pray you have a great one!

A bummer part of this is, some parts of me are shrinking, that I dont want to be shrinking! :o)

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