Thursday, February 17, 2011

A bit excited!

My friend Kristen is just AMAZING!
She has been working SO very hard on hand making such cute cute products!
Today she launched her new shop, OH MY! I am in LOVE!
There are products for the young, like my 1 and 3 year old daughters, AND
products for us old mommies, to make us look a little more "with it" HA (like the felt bow headband, LOVE)

She also has a "Children's Artfolio", Kristen kindly made one for Anberlyn's 3rd birthday gift, I LOVE IT, so cute, Im having a very hard time letting Anbo play with it, as I dont want her to ruin it. Im crazy I know!
If you go HERE you can be entered in to win one, its a giveaway for the launch of her new shop.

Go look!

AND to make me SUPER HAPPY, and Im sure it will give Kristen a little smirk as well, go follow her blog, like her facebook, and find her on twitter! ALL these things you can find when you visit Sew Chatty!

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for being my friend!

Now GO SHOP, for your daughter, sister, friend (a surprise gift for a friend is always wonderful) mom, hey pick something up for your grandma or aunt!

Love on someone today! And remember to smile a bit! or bring a smile to someone else!

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