Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello there

I know I said I had this AMAZING creation, I thought I was a genius, I typed a blog telling you all about it! I havent taken photos, its just sitting there. soon.

You see we CRAZY people have decided to move. AGAIN! The rent at our new place is $150 cheaper, they pay for water, SOOO its about $190- $200 cheaper. IT has a garage, ATTACHED! Its bigger. Im excited. Its in Corona, like a half mile from where we were before. Not the greatest of neighborhoods, but the little community looks nice.

Packing is NUTS!
Stressing me out more than you know.

So for September I had lots of plans lined up.
MOPS, every other Tuesday
Dance for Anbo, every Tuesday.
A moms group every other Thursday
and finally a Womens bible study every other Tuesday evening.
There is also a Corona mops I went back and forth about going to.

I was SOOOOOO stoked about each of this things
First I got put on the waiting list for mops, Im in now! WOOT
Decided last night to hold off on Dance for Anbo, her potty training, is well, GOING DOWN THE DRAIN once again, SOOO frustrating.
Moms group, I just figured its to far now that Im moving, so I did that to myself.
The womens bible study that I was more than excited about, well they decided that they dont want nursing mothers there as a distraction, with the move, I think she will just be to far away if I decided to go to the study, she is only 3 months old.

My goal was to get to know people, throw myself out there. join groups, join Bible studies. I just might have been trying to do to much.
Gods putting the brakes on.

Doesnt change these dumb girly emotions. I cant stop crying. Im RIDICULOUS to say the least.


  1. Hang in there friend. We are two peas in a pod. But I've found sometimes it's better to have a couple really good friends than 5 ok ones.
    ;) being a grown up is HARD!