Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Desk

I just got this desk.

Its 3ftx5ft ITS HUGE! 

Its kinda cool.
I wanna paint it.
White. but not white WHITE.
Leave the top?
might line the inside.
See the green?

The whole desk was that color, the owner refinished it.
Kinda bummed me out, the green would have been RAD!
It will go in our new room.
This is our new room.
So white seems like a good color.
Im gonna paint our dresser as well.
Its currently stained black.

Our room has always been just a room to sleep in and put our clothing.
I would like it to be a bit of a retreat.
For nick and I.

I picked out sheets for our bed.
they are charcoal gray.
Looking at fabric to recover our current pillows.
These are fabrics Im kinda looking at.
Keeping kinda masculine, still feminine.



I have no idea what to do as headboard.
Im trying to stay with the cheap or free.
The desk was free.

We shall see!
Im excited.
Praying we made the right choice in homes.
I go looking,
I found one $200 cheaper than the one we got.
I just need to stop!


  1. Awesome desk! I LOVE furniture refinishing! I think white would be great! Or, leave the top (or stain it darker) and paint the rest white. You could also add new draw pulls, or spray the ones you have. Oh, the possibilities! :)

    Headboard... You could hang a door horizontally. They are SUPER cheap (think $2 or $3) at ReStore. Or, you could hang shutters (also super cheap at ReStore). OR (I'm almost done, haha), get a door and cover it in foam and then fabric for a punch of color.

    Anyway, fun stuff!!! :)

  2. Love all the redecorating stuff. I so wish i could get into that but it's probably good hubby won't let me.

    I think white would look fab.. and i love the swatches you picked out!

    Headboard? I dunno. We still don't have one. I think something cushy would be nice. They sell this one at Costco i want but it's 300. eeek!

    anyhow, I'm sure you made a good choice... God wouldn't open doors. no doubting.