Monday, July 30, 2012

Manic Monday

Good afternoon... So late, So tired.

I got up early this morning to drop Anberlyn off at my friend Stefani' house as she was gonna drop A off at VBS while I went into the dentist to have a chip fix, which turned into filling a cavity and 2 partial crowns! UGH! Thats only part of my mouth, I need to go back in and get more stuff done! YAY great teeth! I was there from 8:30-12:30! BUT before today... Meaning this past weekend, I had a blast.

Two of my best girlfriends {Kristen and Stefani }and I headed out to palm dessert for the night, we hit the pool, got done up, went to dinner {with a classic rock band} stayed up to 5am chit chatting, headed to the outlets shopped, coffee just a straight up blast! Our amazing men stayed home and watched our adorable children, to let their wives, just have fun! Its was a great time, and I cant wait to do it again!!!

Wanna see some photos, well Im tired and really dont wanna load them all, all the same shot just not! haha head over to Kristens page and look at them :
Vessel Handmade
Thanks friends, I hope you had a great weekend!
Whats your favorite color??

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