Friday, July 6, 2012


You scream, I scream, we all scream for.... COFFEE!!!!

Sometimes, its like ice cream! Its yummy, and just sometimes whats needed!
So if we sat down to coffee this week, Id let you know, that not much has happened.
Pretty easy going week. Our Fourth of July was uneventful, went to my parents house for lunch and was home by 4. No fireworks. No sparklers. Just sitting at home! How was your fourth?

Tuesday I went to Disneyland, I was going to meet a friend there, and be there by 9am! I left my house at 8:45 {{OPPS}} so I would have gotton to Disney at like 9:15-9:30 {just parking, then I walk in} I made the mistake of taking a different route to the freeway, which was WAY backed up, NEVER will I do that again, it took about 20 minutes to get on the freeway, by the time I got to Disney, parked and walked in, it was after 10am! I met my friend, whose kids were ready for their morning naps, so we rode a ride, let them run around a bit, then she left, and I was there


With my three. {{It wasn't bad.}}

A lady stopped me and told me I was doing a great job! WHAT A COMPLIMENT! Its typically, 'Wow, you've got your hands full...." Which yeah, Its work, but I love it, and I cherish those moments...for the most part, and when I have 5-8 kids, yeah I may have my hands full... Right now its just 3...
So in line at a ride, the family behind me heard me say Emersyn's name, they asked which one was her, and they had an Emersyn as well, spelled the same way. The grandma went off and bought her family churros, and handed them out, looked at my kids, and went back for another one for my kids! It was so nice! My kids had the biggest smile on their faces! In line for that ride was a mom, who had six kids with her, and her hubs, I asked her if they were all hers {she gave me THE LOOK, like 'yes they are all mine', waiting for me to say THOSE WORDS 'you've got your hands full'} I told her how cool I thought that was and what great kids they seemed to be, and we chit chatted for a few moments about it. After that ride, I gave the kids their lunches in the stroller, and made the hike back to the car, so the kids could come home to rest before Anberlyns dance.

Anberlyn has been in dance for a while now, and her first dance recital is this weekend, Im beyond excited! She looks so grown up on the stage! We have to put make-up on her, Id let you know, Im not so excited about that, she is so little, and so beautiful, I understand why they do it, I just dont love it!
Id let you know, that earlier this week I was a personal shopper for a friend, she stood in the dressing room, and I just brought her clothing, it was so much fun! The reception/give you a number in front of the dressing room lady, I dont think was very happy about it, she kept giving me dirty looks when I would bring more clothing!

Id say that I have had progress with myself, just being me and trying my hardest to not think about who is friends with who, and who is doing what. Trying not to care what others are thinking about me, and just becoming who I wanna be, this little smidge of me will most likely be brought up a few times, sorry about that, but its whats going on in my head! Isnt it in a lot of peoples heads rather females!? Though I know that goes on in our mens heads sometimes as well, they just dont dwell on it as much! I just need to embrace those who wanna be my friend, who reach out to me as well, and not me to them always. I know life is busy, especially with kids, but one way friendships, to lay it out there, suck! haha DON'T GET ME WRONG THOUGH, I fail, oh do I fail! There is a balance, its finding it.

Sitting here, enjoying my homemade blended drink, there is a wonderful cool breeze blowing by, I love cool breezes, and what a cooler week it has been, I love it! I love sitting with you and chatting! Let me know how you are doing!

Whats YOUR favorite Coffee drink/treat?


  1. Tess, I always look forward to your blogs.. There is something about them that help me reflect.

    I think one way friendships suck. I have been there... It's so hard putting yourself out there and not feeling the return.

    Hope we can do a play date soon. Miss you girl. And thank you !!! for yesterday!

  2. I could really use a Chai Latte Blended any day. I Love your Blogs! I use to cry (literally) to David that I've never had a hard time making friends let alone keeping them... But with 9 kids I try to talk to other moms (but face it my kids are going to interrupt). Most moms give me the old, "well, looks like your hands are full. We'll talk later." Funny how "Later" never comes... David always tells me friendships are like relationships that you have to work at to make work. Really?!?!? I just want a friendship that clicks and one we just understand each other. No second thoughts about what we meant, or reading between the lines.
    Anyhow, you've got me thinking what would it take for us to get. Disney Passes again. Hmm....

    1. I think we need to get together! I dont mind interruptions...

  3. I just have to comment on this one too. I totally get the comment all the time that I am so busy. I think in Seattle especially people are always surprised by me walking around the city with my four kids. I can't go anywhere without getting tons of comments and big eyes counting how many kids I have. It gets really old after awhile. So, I think it's awesome that you encouraged that mom!