Monday, July 2, 2012

Manic Monday

Mondays are gonna be whatevs I may babel or ramble, or who knows, its MANIC! Crazy man CRAZY! ;o)
So I'm a freak... So I've been told.
Wanna know why?

*At restaurants, I hate having my back to the main door, I prefer to sit with my back closest to a wall, where little no no people will be walking behind me
*When I eat buttered popcorn or french fries, or anything greasy, I wipe my hands off between each    piece.
*If your gonna wear fancy shoes or are dressed up with shoes that show your toes, have them painted, not chipped. Even just pick a darker color and paint over the chipped nails, if your in a rush.
*I haven't taken the girls to Chuck E Cheese cuz it grosses me out, yet I'm not a germaphobe.
*I dip my potato chips in ketchup.
*I LOVE running errands as a family, all 5 of us! 
*I don't like the cookie crumble frapp from Starbucks.
*I want lots of kids. 6 at least.
*When I eat a hotdog I like to have cottage cheese and Frito scoops along side! {Frito's and cottage cheese, ROCKS}
*I don't like hot drinks. I prefer them iced, and if its SUPER cold out, maybe luke warm, kids temp.
*I'm scared of the dark.
*I REALLY like my hubby, and LOVE spending time with him!
*I ALWAYS wear a tank top under my shirts, ALWAYS.
*I'm addicted to tanks/spaghetti straps and cardigans.
*Rain and 'gloomy' weather makes me smile.
*Not a fan of the beach. Hate the sticky feeling and sand in weird places, but I think its GORGEOUS!
*Closet doors must be shut, for me to be able to sleep
*Don't like bikinis, not cuz I don't have business in them, but because I feel we {as Christians} should be protecting our brothers hearts and minds.{really dislike, baby, toddlers and kids bikinis}
*My first kiss was on my wedding day.
*I LOVE hot Cheetos with spicy nacho cheese.
*We don't and wont have a TV in our room, or the kids room.
*Gonna homeschool our kids
*Plan is to adopt later on {though there is this little boy who is so precious, I wish I could adopt him now!}
*I like to pick, anything, zits, scabs, teeth, paint, my arms get it the most.
*I love Jesus.
*I could do without ice cream, not a fan. {though I have moments were I crave it}
*Don't listen to much non Christian music, if I do, its typically Country. {Not that country is better than the other crap out there, oh and show tunes! love show tunes}
*I'm oblivious to a lot of jokes.
*I'm not comfortable talking to men, especially friends hubbies {I'm working on that}
*I'm scared of needles, but cant wait to get my first tat!
*I smell things... Weird things... Not so much anymore, but after every phone call, Id have to smell the phone.. Its been a while since I've done that.
*Im a bit claustrophobic.
*I HATE when Im driving, and I can feel the cold air from the ac on my arms, but not my face and Im breathing in warm air!
*Im paranoid, check under my car, and back seats, before getting into them, especially at night. Try to always walk out with a friend, and will drive a friend to their car. When dropping off friends at home, I watch them until they get into the house. I check my locks often.... yeah.....
*I wanna be a runner, looks relaxing.
*I get emotional and rarely express to anyone whats its really about.
*We don't have debt, nor credit cards
*Always sleep with at least a sheet
*NEVER can I sleep with socks
*Can not sleep in pants, has to be shorts, hate getting twisted up
*I LOVE my kids oh so very very much!!!!

OH, not a freak for the last one... good I'm glad!

All bagillion things I listed, helps make me.... me... If you really know me, which not many people do, I am a goof, Ill 'booty dance' {if you call it that....} in parking lots, I'll mosh, I'll tell you how it is, I'll be honest if you ask. {Ive had a SUPER hard time with any of that lately, as I think Im afraid of loosing my friends...} Im trying so hard to let go of that and Just be me. Its a tough one!

But hey, wanna boogie!?!?!?!

{{ I know Im not a freak, haha, we all have funny things about us!}}

What are some of the things that make you weird?


  1. you are a fun freak. i love it.

    also, i better go paint my toenails... i don't want you to gag!

    1. A freak, oh yes! My toe nails are not the prettiest right now, BUT I wont be wearing shoes that show my nails! hahaha

  2. Oh man Tess!!!! If you only knew; we have more in common then I thought. :-) we've gotta get together more.