Monday, July 16, 2012

Manic Monday

This past weekend my hubster and I {along with some other great friends} attended the annual CHEA convention. I loved it so much. I was unable to see all the speakers I wanted to see, but there was something more to it that just put my heart at ease! Something about seeing all the people there, all the different walks off life, all different styles! I stopped and talked to one lady with long bright pink hair who is in the roller derby, and a homeschool mom, SHE ROCKS! Different ages, races, all kinds of extremes! LOVED it! I loved feeling like I was in the right spot, that God had led me there. I wasnt overwhelmed, I wasnt intimidated, just the opposite. 
My favorite part was how into it my husband was! It was so great! My heart was so happy!
I cant tell you how excited I am for this next venture in life!

One lady I listened to, talked about how to homeschool doesnt mean you have to live in a pigpen.
Though I didnt get much from her {She told a lot of stories no information I can take with me} BUT I did take that I should decorate and make my home FEEL like a home! I havent decorated my home, because I didnt know how long I would be here! Could have been a couple short months... Its been almost a year... She said to unload and decorate right away.. Create a living space.. So I think that will be my next project..
I have all these ideas.. now to act on them.
Pinterest... Here I come....

I was sooo kinda not really, but a little sad to hear that one of the Kardashians named their little girl Penelope! Its a name I always liked almost named my 2nd that, and I knew {AFTER having her} that it was becoming popular again, but now... now its gonna be huge! I know Im being silly... but shouldnt she have named her Diamond Star Gazer Kardashian Disick ... or something!? {{I soooo had to go look up all this, I know nothing about the Kardashians, except they are famous and have worked with OPIs Nicole nail polish line....}}HAHA Im SOOOOOOOOOOO just kidding her name is beautiful she is beautiful, I love it!!

I think I mentioned before what a crazy week I have.. I have so much to do. I have so much laundry to fold. I have lots of dishes to wash. My girly time decided it would be fun to come a few days early, I think just to make things a little more difficult! So here we go!!

What do you do to relax?

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