Monday, February 9, 2009

Month 1 January 2008

SHE GLOWS Anberlyn had jaundice, We were sent home with a light system we had to strap onto her, she wasnt allowed to wear clothing (JANUARY) and we couldnt move but a 2 foot radius! it was a tough week we had to wake up every 2 hours and feed her to get her billie count down, had to write down EVERYTHING, the color, texture and size of her poo, how many time she did anything in her diaper, how much she drank and take her temp! it was a LONG hard week but at the same time an amazing one! Nicks parents came by one night with Chili, Our good friends Jeremy and Ana stopped by with Pizza! My family came to visit as did Nicks Sister and family! Jesse T. came and prayed as I was stressing over the jaundice! We also had to go to the hospital every other day to get her blood taken!!!!

I think the first month was my favorite she was so cuddly and just slpt in my arms! When Anberlyn was about 2 weeks old we went on a 2 week road trip to WA state, Nicks Grandmother had passed away mid December and we were going to her celebration of life! It was a perfect time to do this as She was still at a point of sleeping all the time! During the drive we drove through areas were the temt got down to -2 degrees it was so COOL!!!
We stayed at Nicks cousins home a couple of the nights, here we are on their couch! one of our first family photos! Nick made this trip part business so I was alone a lot in hotel rooms!
Anberlyn is a great baby and was sleeping almost through the night at this point! She never cries and is always happy. on this trip my milk production went very very low to were I wasnt really feeding my baby, I was so sad I was only getting drops even while pumping, we switched over to formula on this trip and she was a much happier baby. On our was home we stopped in some city in Northern California, this city is like the artichoke capital, I LOVE artichokes, here is the baby and I in front of a statue of one:
Nick and baby with a view of Pacific:

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