Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anbos Room.

As you walk in.

I realized last night I never posted photos of her room. Its changed a few times since the beginning. So here are a few photos:
Painting done by my sister, Laundry basket for each girl and a toy box.

Bed was built by my hubby and Kristen's Hubby. Quilt is Emersyns, Anbos is in the wash.
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Lamp I added the ribbon. Toys are contained in the colored buckets.
Reading corner.

The verse board is TERRIBLE. Birds from the ceiling were $.50 each at ikea. I painted the 2 birds on the right, from dollar tree picked up by Jill! Vase was all metal, I decoed the tissue paper onto it, and painted the "cage" around it black.

Closer look.

Bow and headbands. I have another bow holder coming my way.

The Orange Tree will be painted... one day. Behind the photo is a CD player.

Bird cage was a like green, painted it and hung birds inside.

Curtains, Anbo has a tent that is usually in front of the window, BUT she had a messy accident in it, and its in the wash. I will post a photo of the tent below.

Letters I bought for a dollar I painted the circles then glued the letters to them.

the 2 smaller pillows were made by Kami, and the rectangle one was made by Nicole!

Buckets contain dolls, these fit PERFECTLY under her very tall bed!

reading corner.
This is the tent that is usually between the bed and the reading area in front of the window. Its so cute!


  1. how cute!!! I live the bird cage!

  2. that is so neat tess the girls are so lucky to have such a clever mom.

  3. love it!! Brandi o