Friday, April 8, 2011


Im off!
I will be spending the weekend in Murrieta Hot Springs at the Calvary Chapel Bible College!
I havent been that excited, and even as Im writing this Im not!
Its a BEAUTIFUL campus, I LOVE it there, and I dream about relaxing in the hot springs, but this preggo belly wont allow it! My footsies will though!

A weekend away from the family to most sounds amazing, for me, its bittersweet. I LOVE spending the days with them! I LOVE spending time with my hubby and the kids together, as it usually just me and the kids! Also this pregnant lady like to stay close to home. In my own bed, on my own couch. I dont know what the bed will be like there, I havent been in MANY years. On my way I will be purchasing a leg pillow in hopes it helps my hips, my belly wedge is already packed.
Then there is sitting while people talk. OH BOY! i cant sit long, I will be sitting on an isle seat and getting up regularly!

What I am excited about is getting away from it all, and having time to grow closer to God, my creator! To rest in Him! I pray I come home a refreshed mommy and wife, perfect for just before baby #3 gets here!

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  1. You are gonna have such a great time... it will be wonderful for you to sit and soak it all up. I am so happy for you... come back and share the details. ;)