Monday, April 4, 2011

MMM Chai!

My new addiction!
I have always LOVED chai lattes! MMM
And I have used this product in the past. Some reason I bought it a few times and left it in the dust!

Then last week at a moms night in, the host shared some of this delishiness with me.
I am HOOKED once again! Its so yummy mixed with milk, or really strong all by itself, my friend says she mixes it in with her coffee!
The carton cost's about $4.00 makes a bunch. So if you think about it, its WAY cheaper than buying it at Starbucks.
The product is......{Drum roll}

Ive yet to read the instructions on how they say to make it, I just kinda wing it, I like it strong! MMM

Now while I was at the glorious Target picking this item up I saw another item I MUST try!
Starbucks has this Tea Latte called Vanilla Roobios, Its SOOOOO yummy! (They add vanilla syrup to it, I ask for a pump or two less depending on my mood, sometimes its just a bit sweet for me. ) anyway, they now have the concentrate:

I simply cant wait to pick it up and give it a try! It was also going for about $4. (maybe $4.50)

I cut Soda out of my diet, and have been drinking tons of iced tea, unsweetened, So the above are just little sweet treats to kick the cravings of the POP.

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