Monday, September 10, 2012


Posted on FB tonight, how perfect.

A sweet friend noticed (as I put it out there on FB) that I was having a rough week to say the least.

She came up to me tonight and secretly handed me a little gift! I was so surprised and beyond blessed! She warmed my heart and just has me smiling ear to ear! To know someone was thinking about you, and just wanted to give you a smile, it sure does work! Im so thankful!

Here is what she gave me:
a small pail, some note pads, stickers, a key chain, gift card and sweet sweet words in a card!

Arent those stickers ADORABLE! LOVE!

Thank You Friend!!!

I love when God nudges a heart! :o)

Lets make a goal, go encourage someone today! A little treat, a quick email, a kind text, a simple card in the mail!


  1. what goes around comes around... you are such an encouraging friend... it's only right you are repaid with kindness!