Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weight loss.... kinda.. not really

The last 3 weeks, I havent lost any weight. Its fluctuating a pound up and down, whitch doesnt really count. Im watching my food for the most part, and to be honest, not working out! A friend gave me an amazing treadmill, and it just sits and laughs at me!

I have my very yummy shake every morning, and here is where I go wrong, I make the kids lunch, then I dont eat, I freak out and Im afraid of eating the wrong thing. HAHA I know what to eat, I just dont eat... Then dinner comes around, and I eat enough for both meals.... My body freaks out and then holds on to everything I just ate! AHHHHHHHH

So I know this, and I gotta make a change, have my lunch planned out, ready to go and easy, but healthy.

Nick and I use a meal program for out dinners, we do low carb ones. Not cutting out the carbs, but cutting them low. We also decided to changed most the food we eat, going organic for the most part. We are trying. This isnt an easy road. I know is will take a while for us to get this to be our new life style and Im sure there is gonna be bumps in the road!

So next week C25K is hitting the road. I did a full week of it a few weeks ago, and did fine. This upcoming week I have a friend doing it along side me! You run 3 days a weeks with this program, 2 of the days we will be solo running on our treadmills, and one day a week we will be hitting the pavement! 3 days a week Im hoping to do other workouts on the oher days  and taking one day a week to just rest!

Weight loss is no fun. Its a battle, that I wanna beat, for my health and the well being of my beautiful children!

So next week, lets see more loss! Im going to go to some situps!

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