Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disney day

Yesterday, Labor Day, the kids woke up, Anberlyn came into our room to wake us and let us know that Emersyn had climbed into Penelope's crib, Nick mumbled, "I got up with them yesterday, its your turn." I reluctantly got up. As I walked into the girls room, Anberlyn was also climbing in, or trying to get Emersyn out... I dunno, I was out of it, dizzy and just not feeling it. I grabbed the littlest and told the olders they just needed to hang out in the room for a bit and read, which they did! I sat down with my precious girly for a few minutes, then put her in her chair, gave her some food, and RAN to the bathroom to throw-up! (Im not preggo!) I went upstairs told Nick and plopped down on the bed and was OUT, like out COLD! He got up and took care of the kids and let me sleep till 11am!!! 

I spent all day outside the day before {Sunday}, not drinking enough Im assuming, I went to bed with a migraine, I never get enough sleep and to top it all off started my you know...girly time... yesterday (3days early!!), I think all that added up to just needing to vomit and go back to bed! After I woke up a bit, I was great! We decided to head over to Disneyland, our app said it wasnt really that crowded! It was right! we had a blast! I love my little family, and I LOVE spending time with them! !

My lovlies for our day out

Nick didnt approve of her hair!! {I was just messing around}

Nick and the girls driving

I love them, their favorite is getting maps! Planning our trip! I LOVE it!

Pretty girls, Anbos cheesy 'smile'

Watching the food cook!

Me and my girls!

She stuck her finger in something and said, "ewwww, uck!"  then stuck it in her mouth with a slurping sound and licked it up....BLEH

Do you see Mickey!?!?!

Then I thought, CHEESY FAMILY photo opportunity! Then noticed later there was a big smear over Nicks face! OOPS! hahaha

Em and Anbo LOVE Mickey! Can you tell!? HAHA

Making faces! Its a small world!

We ended the night at downtown Disney dancing and being silly! I loved it!

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