Friday, September 14, 2012

Coffee Date!

GOOD MORNING Im {{Linking up with Alissa}}

{{My coffee treat of choice {{this is a slight dream, Im actually drinking my morning shake with instant coffee mixed in...}} this morning, a Carmel Frappe with half toffee nut no whip {hurts my tum} extra carmel {If Im gonna have a treat, Im gonna over do it a little}, soy {member milk hurts the tum} sprinkled with sea salt!}} mmmmmmmmmmmm whose gonna bring me one!?!?!

If we sat down to coffee this morning. I would tell you though exhausted, its been a much better week! We bought a homeschool planner and it has helped me SOOOOOOOO much! What was taking a couple hours to complete is taking, a fraction of the time!! Its the little things!

Last week I had so many of you Email me, message me, send me a sweet text, gave me a little cheer up gift, boy o boy was I a blessed lady! I thank you for your kind words and prayers!

Then I asked about night terrors...... MAN! You guys have been through a lot as well!! For those of you not my bud in the Facebook world, Anberlyn has been having night terrors.  Its not fun. Waking up SCREAMING as if someone is stabbing her in the leg! {{Maybe a toe}} non the less, its bad. When you go in, she doesnt know your there, she is still sleeping, yet screaming, afraid, its heart breaking, with all your might you want to scoop her up and rescue her from her fears, to make everything right! With the replys and the little research I did, you cant wake them, it makes it worse. You let them go through it, and you just be there to comfort. ITS SO HARD!

{{How true is this in our lives, as a believer, in Christ, how He is watching us struggle, how is is watching us scream in pain..... You see the connection! I feel like He just yelled down at me, "hello there little lady, I get it! I get it, I can help..." UGH}}

Nights have been rough, life doesnt slow down for us. Im constantly exhausted, waking up at night kinda doesnt allow you to get a good nights rest.

Im blessed though. I have an AMAZING hubby! He wakes up every morning and does the dishes before work! He does the laundry a few times a week, all I have to do is fold and put away {which sucks, but not the point!} He works so hard, so that I can stay home with my babes! He is on board with homeschooling, he is so supportive, and so perfect for me! AND top top it all off, he is SOOO cute! He gives me butterflies and makes me smirk! teehehehe
God has blessed me! OH SO MUCH! I am one lucky little lady!

Have I mentioned how amazing my homeschool group it!?!?! They are so supportive, they just amaze me! As we had a moms night out this past week, they just blessed my socks off, with knowledge and wisdom, with experience! Im so glad Im apart of such an amazing group of women!!

I wouldnt be crying this week.. Much.. I would be a bit over friends who are hurting, over sickness and pain they have! I would ask you to pray!
God  knows. He knows whats up, whats going on, just pray!
for the broken and the lost, for the weak, the needy, those suffering!

Thanks friends! I hope your week has been great and that you have an amazing Weekend?? Do you have plans?
Im heading to Disney tonight, then a little Disney tomorrow with the Fam, THEN a friend is babysitting so Nick and I can enjoy Disneyland at night! Im stoked!

Next week... Maybe a vlog....hmmmm
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  1. Umm you know jake and I will be at Disney all day tomorrow!!!

    1. I think that was the original reason for us going tomorrow. It was on my calendar, so we are going! See ya`thère?

  2. So sorry about Anbo :( Do the "experts" say that the night terrors will pass?? I can't imagine. I'll be praying for you all!

    Have fun at Dland! We want to go but I'm SUCH a wuss when it's so hot out! Ha!

  3. I've never dealt with night terrors, but they must be just terrible! Praying for your little one, and for you to get some much needed rest!

    Disney? How fun!

    I'm here from Coffee Date Fridays too! Come have coffee with me!!!