Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tater Tot Tuesday!

Taking a break from my ABC's.
Tuesdays will be a place where I write up what my children have done or said, over the past week. Im linking up with Kristen at Rock A Bow , she is doing Toddler Talk Tuesday! (Notice my linky button on the right~~>)

May 6th my little sister got married!
at her wedding was dancing.
Anbo had a BLAST dancing.

She kept coming up to Nick or her Papa asking, "Dad will you marry me?"
It took a few minutes, we realized she was asking to dance.
Now days later she is still asking us to marry her!
She is not grasping the concept of getting married.

This past week I have been trying to get the girls to play outside more, so we have been spending lots of time on our little patio! One of the days I went inside to grab my book while leaving the girls to play, I came back to Anbo yelling that Em had a snail, I looked at my 14 month old, she looked at me, I took a step closer to her to get the snail which she had just spit into her hand, as I got within a foot of her, she SHOVED it into her mouth and started sucking! GAG!  I quickly scooped it out and threw the poor thing into the bushes!

Anbo told me that Daddy is her friend, and Im Emersyn's friend and that means I cant talk to her.... I thought that was supposed to start later, like teenage years.

Emersyn is 14.5 months old. She WILL NOT WALK! She knows how to. She does things walkers are supposed to be doing. She will walk 5-10 steps at a time. She can stand up from out of know where (since like 10 months old) BUT will not walk. She has been pushing things around to walk, box, bikes... I think she thinks its fast to crawl, WHICH, she is a SUPER fast crawler! (she has SUPER small feet. I dont think that helps)

Anbo is constantly telling us that Jesus is her friend and that she talks to him!

We were outside playing and Anbo came across a dead rolly poly, she had it in her hand, looked up at me and said," Oh No its not moving!" I told her it was no long alive, it was dead she looked confused, looked up at me and said, "You need to get it batteries!"

Anbo, Im pretty sure is finally potty trained! (Hope I didnt jinx it)

 Anbo has a natural curl to the ends of her hair. Its cute, BUT can be a huge pain. She LOVES to sleep wrapped under her sheets, which is a cause of some MAJOR tangly bed head in the mornings, she also chews on the ends of her hair. So this week, I decided to cut it. I cut it pretty short in the back, its longer in the front.
 I wish I would have taken photos of her narely bed head. I like her hair short, its oh so much easier to deal with! you see how its curling up behind her ears, its a bit longer.
This is the back, you can see the bagillion of layers. Its very well conditioned here and laying very softly.

So though Nelly isnt born, yet, nor is she a toddler, Im gonna make mention, SHE IS A MANIAC!!!!! She moves and rolls so much, it keeps me up at night, and it feels like she is bruising my insides! TERRIBLE STUFF!

I hope you will ALL link up with Toddler Talk Tuesday with Rock-a-bow. Your kids are grown up? Link up with a memory of them!
It doesnt have to be a long post, I went over board I think! haha


  1. Oh man! Your kids crack me up. So many of those tidbits that I want to comment on but Ill just say that I gagged thinking of Em sucking on a snail. It warmed my heart that Anbo said she talks to Jesus!

  2. It's so nice to see what other mommies with tots do! You're such a good momma :0)
    I loved the snail incident lol!

  3. I looooove this idea... Will try to post next week! Oysters kids say some funny schtuff. I was cracking up at the snail, and "my we need to get some batteries" sooooo cute!! I am so glad you are recording this all!

  4. Sorry auto correct on my iPhone- I should have proofread!