Sunday, May 29, 2011

M is for.......


I think Ive written about this before. But its dear to my heart.
Im a woman, I have {almost} three daughters.
Its my job as a mommy to guide my daughters.
To teach them to guard their brothers heart.
To guard their eyes.

Its SOOOO hard. The clothing they have out there, even for infants and toddlers!
REALLY they need to have bikinis!
There is absolutely no way I would ever buy that for my little one!
Ive heard, well they are just babies, I wouldnt let my teenager wear that,
well what are you training them to do?

(Tankinis are different, as long as the belly isnt showing, I dont care)

The dress' for little ones are low cut.
shorts are short.
Its so hard!

I was watching 'Little Couple' and the wife said, "They are making so many clothes for little kids that are worthy of being adult clothes, it makes me happy, but I dont know how appropriate it is for kids"

How cool would it be for our daughters to have so much respect for themselves, that they crave to be modest, that they crave to please our father in heaven. That they wanna keep something left to the imagination for their one day hubbies.

I LOVE when my hubby says, "Oh you cant wear that out unless you wear a sweater or an undershirt!" Sometimes I dont see it! He is protecting me! He LOVES ME! He is not controlling me.

This (jibberish, I have a really bad headache) post stemmed from a blog I read this morning. I REALLY want you to read it! :

"Tell her Mama!" 

If you read the same post HERE she has added answers to a 
twitter poll she did, just scroll to the bottome!! 

Question for you:
Whats your favorite dessert?

Mine is Creme Brulee'!!

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  1. yep Kiera has boy shorts and bernuda shorts. She always has leggings or shorts on under dresses. What bugs also are pants that are low cut for little girls where their cracks show when they bend over. Not ok!
    I got Kiera a tankini and she kept yanking on it. One pieces for her. Made this mama happy :)
    oh... Cheesecake is mine.