Wednesday, May 4, 2011

C is for....

Counting the days...
We count the days for so many things!
When we are young we count the days until,our birthdays (I still do!) spring break, Summer vacation, Christmas break.
We count down till prom (I didnt go...)
We count the days until we graduate high school. Until we start our first job!
Then we count the days until we quit that first job.

We then meet that man of our dreams, we count the days until the proposal, until marriage!

My count downs right now are:

  •       until bed time, A few HOURS!! ;o)
  •       until my sister marries the man of her dreams 2 DAYS!!!
  •       until I receive my Target Order 5-7 DAYS!!!What are you
  •       until date night with the sexiest man alive!! 10 DAYS!!!
  •       until the birth of my 3rd daughter 44 (ish) DAYS!!!
  •       until we find out if we are moving to WA 3 days -1 year!!! (most annoying count EVER!)
  •       until Jesus comes and takes us from this Earth! ANY DAY!
I think counting down to things are so important to us! Big or small, a night out, buying shampoo, getting a new eyeshadow! Counting down gives us something to look forward to.

What are you counting down?


  1. Well currently, I'm anxiously counting down the days until Grayson's arrival (12 days max)!! I'm also counting down to Mike's last day of school (1.5 more months) and our vacation (3 months!). Lots of stuff for both of us to look forward to!

  2. 13 days until my youngest gets his license. No more carpool!
    38 days until my first born, my only daughterI've raised, becomes someones wife.
    43 days until my husband takes my son to Africa.
    161 days until I travel to India on my first Missions trip!

  3. 1 hour 15 minutes until I pick Nick up from school.
    15 days till I see my family in FL.
    32 days till Nick turns 4.
    10 days till my hubs turns 40.

    The list goes on....

    I like your list!

  4. Now following you as a friend of Jackie's as i am doing the A to Z challenge with her.
    I am counting downthe days until my son comes home from college as I haven't seen him since Christmas. Make the most of the wonderful time you have with your baby!

  5. I too am following you via Jackie - and also the mother of 3 girls. I love your excitement and your joy is so evident in your posts! Looking forwarf to the rest of your alphabet!

  6. love this!! Very creative!

    I am counting down -
    2 days until I get a break from all three kids
    9 days until Nick turns one
    2 months until 4th of July (one of my favorite holidays)
    2 and 1/2 months until our VACATION!

    Love ya girl. Keep it up!

  7. My Countdowns

    Hours until Tony and Timothy come home
    1 day until mothers day
    14 days until I run in a 5k
    21 days until the Girls Outreach
    23 ish days until THE END OF SCHOOL

    Summer is always packed so I'm not even going to start counting that stuff yet! :)