Tuesday, May 3, 2011

B is for...

I LOVE the idea of blogging.
I LOVE reading blogs. I love when people are honest, real, and themselves.
When people show who they are, their heart. With no fear.

Yet thats the thing, fear, you put yourself out there, and there is the chance of people reading it, judging your every word, your every thought.

As a blogger you risk a lot!

For me the best bloggers are the ones who dont care, who say it how it is, who write about what they believe in and what they love!

Reading blogs for me, is my book reading. Reading the lives of others, feeling connected to someone, supporting one another!

I am trying to do this blog thing, Im trying to be real, Im trying to be who I am. It hard cuz I feel Im at a crossroads, not sure who I am or who I wanna be.

That might be the pregnancy talking!


  1. I love blogs for the same reason. It's also a HUGE source of my inspiration and motivation for crafts, home projects, ect. I don't think Mike always understands how I can sit and read blogs for 2 hours at night, but it IS my reading. I just love it. I get giddy when I find a new blog and sit and read all through the history. haha.

  2. Love your heart here Tess. Being real is the best thing you can do, even for your self.. I have always loved reading yours - your rambles - which is why I'm mad that I missed out on a lot of these.

    I think for me its been an evolvement. I started out wanted to just scrapbook the kids and keep the memories of family time on record...
    but its become so much more. It's taken me down a path to knowing who I am, the good and the bad.