Sunday, May 22, 2011

K is for.....


Lets travel back a few year, back to the year 1995 (maybe 1996) I attended my first purity conference held at my church. We had to get a signed consent form from our parents because there was images show I NEVER wanna see again, MAN STD are brutal. That has nothing to do with anything, just thought I would share.

Anyhow this lady spoke. She was (and still is) GORGEOUS, she talked to us about how she saved her first kiss for her wedding day. How she waited for the Lord to bring her the man of her dreams, and when he was found, their love was way beyond a physical lust. She had so many wonderful things to say, I remember sitting there in awe. I remember wanting what she had.

So that day I made a promise, a promise before God. I was gonna save my first kiss for my wedding day. I got made fun of. I got guys trying to take it away from me. I dated. ( I so should have just waited for God to bring my man to me!!!) It was a hard few years. I was passionate though, I shared my passion with fellow youth, I spoke at little conferences. I shared that I wanted to give my future husband a full gift, bow and all, not a gift that had started to be given to someone else. I tried not to give my heart away to other guys. I did. Its tough. THAT kiss though was saved!!!

June 28th, 2003 I gave my man that kiss! Was it an out of this world kiss.... NOPE HAHA. It was only a quick peck, a ton of people staring, a little bit of pressure. BUT LATER that evening, I got that kiss I was waiting for! It was magical! It was AMAZING and I will NEVER forget it!

Nick is the one and only person I have shared a kiss with, he is the one and only man I have shared my body and WHOLE heart with!

I would not trade that for the world! I thank God for keeping me strong.


  1. What an amazing testimony... Guess who else saved his first kiss? Adam!! Just wish i could've done the same for him... But, oh... What a gift!

  2. Thats so precious!!! I LOVE hearing when a guy does it, I think its harder for them, usually! It just brought tears to my eyes! Nick used to tell me all the time when we first got married, "If I knew I was gonna marry you I would have waited." I told him, well in that is your testomy, that is what you need to share with youth. Teenager are not smart. They dont think ahead. They dont think that the guy or girl they are messing around with now is someone else' future spouse. Which means someone out there may be messing around with THEIR future spouse. I pray hard for my childrens future.

    YIKES I just wrote a book! Ive been ranting a lot lately!