Saturday, May 14, 2011

G is for....

My G was originally for 'grateful' but blogger did something and it erased the whole posting, its gone. it didnt return. I wasnt thrilled with the post so hey a re-do!!

ok, back to Girls I have almost 3 of them!
I love them dearly,
I love dressing them up,
I love playing with their hair,
I love the sweetness and the love they have.
The tenderness.Compassion. warmth.

I can see it already though, as my 3 year old is getting older, the competing has started! The bickering!

Im a girl. I know how we work. I know we compete. I know the jealousy. The need to feel wanted, to feel loved. To feel accepted. Cherished. I KNOW THIS.

My prayer for my daughters is that they find and love Jesus, and that they find everything they need in Him! I pray that as their parents we guide them, we protect them. We help keep their innocence as long as possible! 8 year olds getting botox IS NOT OK. Padded bikinis and thongs made for 8 year old, again NOT OK! My daughter needs to be able to be a kid for as long as possible, she will be a grown up for a very long time! My motto for my kids is 'Sheltered, but not naive!'
Im afraid of what they are gonna have to go through, what this earth is turning into!

At 8 I hope my daughters are playing house. Being princess'. Playing cops and robbers.
Not worrying about botox, or the shape of their bodies!



  1. I am grateful for the people that David and I have met from moving so often and ministering at different churches.
    As hard as it is to leave (and, yes, it does suck)We have always made new friends.
    If David had never been fired, we would have never moved to KACC, and I would not know you.
    I love that this young married couple grew into a family :)

  2. Your girls are so blessed to have you and Nick as parents! You will protect them and shower them with God's love. It's a scary world, but your girls are going to be amazing young women some day! They have the best example in their mommy.