Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Ramble Rant Rave!


Im officially 37 weeks.
Im still grasping onto the fact that Im pregnant.
Still kinda dont believe it.
I dont think Im in denial.
Just busy, I have 2 others.
My middle isnt even a year and a half yet.

Across the room I see a box of Pampers NB diapers.
To my right is the Rock n' Play.
She will be here soon.
Three will be tough.
BUT I can do it!
I have an AMAZING hubby!
He will be taking a week off work!

Ive decided, and hopefully I stick to this,
not to post on FB when I go into labor.
To wait, until Miss Penelope is in my arms.
Privacy... Less stress...
Not to here my cell going off every 3 minutes asking for an update.

Once she is here though, you all will know!
Ive been asked if I would like visitors.
I would love it!

Whether in the hospital, or in my home.
For the most part you are welcome.
Unless your a creeper stalker I do not know.
I really would appreciate if you do not come by!
Some say we look alike....
OH and warning would be nice!
more than a 10 minute warning.
give me a few hours notice.
I may not be dressed.
There may be poo diapers all over the place.
Might be stuff piled to the ceiling.
I might smell bad.

And I know, a new baby good excuse.
but decency isnt bad either.
Nick took today off work.
Its slow, and he didnt mind a four day weekend.
So we are gonna go play.
Thinking the beach.
A long walk.

Ive kinda been stuck inside.
My Dr. wanted me to take it easy, not do to much.
No early early baby.
BUT I can now!
Im gonna take advantage of it, before Im stuck with a newbie!

Something that DRIVES ME INSANE!
PLEASE oh PLEASE dont reprimand my children,
when Im A FOOT away doing it myself.
If Im not in the room, or for some reason not paying attention
And my child is about to kill someone, or herself,
then by all means, please say something.
But NOT when Im there, already taking care of it!

My eldest daughter,
She is creepy.
ok not really....
well kinda..
She says weird things.
Does weird things...
and levitates!:
Kristen pointed out her concentration!

My whole little family is still sleeping, the back door is open.
No one is outside.
all I here is the morning birds chirping away.
nice morning crisp air!
Im liking this.
maybe this is the calm before the Storm!
BABY today!?
She can share a Birthday with my best buds hubby!
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Have I mentioned, we have a big field where I live.
Its pretty.
There are trees you can sit under, and a mass of grass the kids and run around and play in!
Its pretty coolio!
In the evening there are hundreds of bunny rabbits!
Anbo loves them.
I let her go out and 'try to catch one'
HA they are so fast. Its pretty cute though.
And when it gets dark....
There is a family of coyotes that come out to 'play with the bunnies'
A mommy, daddy and eight, yes EIGHT cubs!
kinda scary!
Bunny Hunting
Well this little Random Ranting Raving Ramble I think is long enough.
I think I have more to say.
BUT not really!
just kinda jibber jabble!

hmmm a question for you..
Whats your favorite movie?
Comment below!!!

Thanks for reading my Looney Tunesy ness!


  1. Love the rambles! I totally understand about the Facebook posting. With Noah, before I even had a Facebook, a friend called my hospital room to get an update. My room! I didn't have any pain meds, I was trying to concentrate! Alex unplugged the phone. With Caitlin, only my birth team, parents and siblings knew, and they were sworn to secrecy. Same reasons you have, less stress, more privacy.

    Favorite movie? Gah! I don't know! Umm.... I really like the Bourne Trilogy. blank. Wow, ok, so Bourne Trilogy it is then! At least for today.

  2. It always looks like you've got things under control from what I see on Facebook. I have one baby and I'm a mess a lot of the time. I bet you will do wonderfully with three adorable little girls. I hope you get all the help you need, when you need it. I really enjoy reading all your updates! I can't wait to see a picture of your littlest girl.

    Favorite movie....hmmmm. The Matrix. It's so nerdy of me, but it's always been my favorite. :P

  3. Love the ramble. All over the place. Now I know why people hardly comment... It's like which thing should I reply to? So umm yeh, Facebook. Yes I higly reccommend no constant updates... Not because it's Erin or anything but you don't wanna be so up in your phone/computer that you miss something big. A moment, a miracle, a revelation. That's taking it a bit far but you know what I mean! I get so aimed into tw dang thing I am ready to cancel my service. Compulsive is my middle name! I feel a blog coming on... Anyhow... Enjoy this time with your two... Dividing your time with three is HARD! Especially since they are very close in age and prolly so needy still. Do somethig special these last weeks/days/hours. Hoping and praying for a wonder smooth delivery.
    As for movie faves: well, you already know, we are linked with that common interest.

  4. Auto correct is a problem for me, obviously! So if you don't know what the heck I said... Email me!

  5. Hey there, finally have time to catch up on blogs. You look adorable! Can't wait to meet PJ. So cute! Loving the rambles....Um as for a fav movie? I LOVE "Joy Luck Club" - total chick flick, "Gone With The Wind" if you're into a LONG one, and ANYTHING with Harrison Ford :)