Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I is for...


I am by no means an in shape person, Im over weight. This started happening when I agreed to marry my wonderful hubby! We went from being out and about always doing something to lets just sit and watch TV! Im Insecure about this weight gain. After Nelly is born, my great plan is to loose weight, to join my hubby on his weight loss journey.

My security lies withing my hair and make-up. Those things make me feel good. They put a smile on my face and make me feel like I can face the world!I get complimented on those things, people notice when I put the little bit of effort into it. AND ITS FUN!! I LOVE IT!

This past week, my flat iron died. My heart broke a little. This item, takes my bed head away. Makes getting out of the house much quicker. 3 minutes with it and Im THRILLED!
I cried. The thought that now my getting ready to walk out the door went from 15 minuted to 45 or so!
So yes, I was a little dramatic but I feel like it was ok.

Some people like to paint on a canvas, some like to take photos, or find great joy in sewing. I find it in hair and make-up!

Im learning to find my security in the Lord. I think it takes time! 


  1. I understand. I used to be super insecure about my hair. (hence the H is for Hair article.) I attached my worth to it and I see now that it was a REALLY STUPID way of thinking. People even laugh when I tell them that I felt less important, accomplished, valued, etc. because of my hair. HOWEVER, we still live in a society that overvalues people who are thin and fit. That is the same thing as placing a higher value on a person because she has long hair or long finger nails or small ears. Silliness. Praying that you will be released and feel healthy soon.

  2. I've been insecure all my life... Hairy arms, zits, fat face, the list goes on... I meant to comment in your "socially awkward" post. I am the SAME! And I don't mean to do it. But it's just from being self conscious. Which I found is just another form of "self." never knew. So I try to let go a
    bit more... Depend on God to get me through those weird moments when I feel like crawling outta my skin. Hang
    In there! I love your thoughts and honesty Tess. You are blossoming... I see it!