Friday, May 20, 2011

J is for...


I had a hard time trying to figure out what 'J' was gonna be, as I thought I was in labor last night (over 2 hours of contractions, and pressure) I thought I was gonna use J as 'Just Born' my way of announcing the arrival of my newest baby girl..... That didnt happen.
Then I was gonna do 'Jumping Jacks' and talk about my husband 'inch loss'. He has been working out like a mad man, and the inches are just falling off him!
So then my "J" was gonna be Jealous! As I am a bit over his looking AMAZING and me a preggo blob next to him!

Then as I was scrubbing the tub,  it hit me, Jackie! my J will be Jackie!!! I was so excited that here I am writing mid scrub.(I hope she is ok with this....)
I met Jackie a few year back, pre kid. Her hubby was the young adult/married pastor (or something like that) Nick and I joined a young marrieds small group at the church we were attending. The group we were in was held at their home. At that time, I really didnt get to know them all that well. Soon they moved, we moved, never to be seen again.......

But now years later, via Facebook, we have kinda reconnected kinda. Are we BFF? no. Do we talk? not really. Do we read one anothers blogs, CERTAINLY! I read her blog and smile. She is real, she tells it like it is, she has her happy moments, and her sad. She also reads my little blog. She comments, she encourages, shes great!

She has lived a life that makes me look up to her. I feel like I can turn to her, ask her questions, get advice and I think she would gladly do so. I havent tried, yet. I get so much out of what she writes.She loves Jesus. She has 3 AMAZING children, who love Jesus. Her hubby... well... he loves Jesus as well!

I pray I can only be like her, to raise my children like her. To love and trust in the Lord as she has done. Has she had her short comings... Im sure. As we all do. Our short comings only make us stronger and trust in our Father in Heaven that much more.

So as I had many thoughts on J, I think I picked the best one! I know my words are jumbled and short and I think thats ok!

Thank You Miss Jackie,!!!!

Read her blog HERE!

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  1. You've written a great post about a great lady! I am happy she has been a blessing in your life - she's blessed mine - and she connected me to your blog. Being the mom of 3 teen age daughters, it's fun to read your experiences. (Although 1 of mine turns 20 in a few weeks so I am losing that title quickly) Can't wait to read the rest of your 'letters'