Sunday, September 15, 2013

Living and Active

Im sitting here munching on chips n salsa. Hubby laying on the floor snoozing away. All four kids sound asleep, its 12:08 am.... I. SHOULD. BE. SNOOZING!!!! but no.. Im here, blogging. scrolling though facebook earlier today I saw an update, I dont remember through who, or what. It stood out to me. It focused on 3 main things, feeding yourself spiritually, eating healthier and exercise.... Only 5 weeks.. I can do that!

Learn more by clicking here ^^
See I have a goal. I want to reach it or come close by my 30th birthday. Thats just short of 6 months away. Its achievable. I just have to stick to it. We have already changed our diets. WAY healthier eating going on here... I just slide into chips and salsa late at night... not good.

So this challenge. Im doing it.. It starts Monday, and Im kinda stoked!!

Now off to bed.

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