Monday, August 13, 2012

Manic Monday

Hey guys!
How was you weekend?

Mine was good! Friday night we headed to a BBQ {My hubster really wanted to go} I love the Young Marrieds group at our church. I love that we {I} am getting to know people. I left after being there an hour to hang out with a friend who needed to just get away from the house and chat. I enjoyed talking
~WAIT back up, I also wanted to go to the BBQ, Im not saying I didnt want to be there, I so did, I just wish I didnt double book! ~
Saturday wonderful friends of ours {the mom and family behind Vessel Handmade {she has a post today about her cute Homeschool Room} anyway, they babysat for us! They spoiled my kids with water play and Popsicles! Nick and I headed over to Disneyland to ride big kid rides! It was a lot of fun! Until my old self got on 'screaming over California' I just about hurled! Motion sickness in its fullest! I was gagging the whole ride trying to keep it in!!! AND THANK GOD {FOR REAL} I did keep it in! We left straight from there! It was also a hot day, 98 degrees I think! Drank tons of water!

After DCA we headed to get a bite to eat. We headed over to this little sushi place, which is now a little greek place, so Nick pulled out his handy dandy yelp app. There was a sushi place not to far so we walked over. It. Was. So. YUMMY. Fresh, and just DELISH! {For Locals here is the info its in Downtown Fullerton Kaori, Seriously, check it out!}

We headed back to pick up our children, I love them so much! They went to bed almost as soon as we got home!
Sunday we headed to church, then we went off to play for a bit, Nick bought himself some work shoes a shirt and tie {SOOOO needs them, he waits until there are holes in the bottom of his shoes!}We then drove back to Downtown Fullerton to walk around as we had time to kill before a meeting we had around that area. In the almost 100 degree heat, we got the girls ice cream cones. We had our meeting, headed home and had dinner, OH SO SUPER LATE! We typically eat in the 5:00 hour, we ate around 7:45! We put the kids straight to bed, and watched some TV. We were go go go all weekend. It was nice to just relax for a bit.

Homeschooling Anberlyn is approaching, SOOOO quickly! Its right around the corner, like 2 WEEKS! I have so much to do. I want to finish getting her classroom space together. Clean up and prepare for our first week~! Im beyond excited, and beyond nervous! I have so much to do. Gonna go buy some paint!

Then there is my sweet sweet, Anberlyn, who is testing me! Who is disrespectful, does not listen, does what she wants, argues over the SILLIEST things. I sincerely thoguht I was doing something wrong. That I wasnt parenting her to the best of my ability {and maybe Im not} but I took out my handy dandy I need your opinion app on my phone AKA Facebook, and I asked. I got an overwhelming response, YES its normal, YES its a stage. Yet, I feel like I need to loving rope that in a bit. Let her know its NOT ok. It killed me to find out that she was treating other adults with disrespect, not listening, arguing! It may be 'normal' but its not ok! I dont want to label it normal.

OH, so I posted on Facebook that I needed a treadmill, I have actually posted it twice, and a few days later, I get a message, someone is gonna let me use theirs!!! She said she doesnt really use it, that her kids are older and she is out walking with them, and riding bikes, go go go! How fun! Im SOOOO excited! Im thinking about doing a 5k mud run with Nick in November!! EEEKKKK! ;o) Heres to getting fit!

Wednesday I have a plan, a new weekly blog post. Keep your eyes out! :o)

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