Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weightloss Wednesday

So here I go, back on track. Ive been great this past week, changing my eating. Like eating TONS of veggies! I feel so good! Since my last venture into weight loss, I have gained a little, back, I need to get a move on so I dont gain it ALL back! How sad would that be! So here I am, kinda starting over, new numbers new goals. I posted on Facebook that I wanted a treadmill, and someone came out of the woodwork and is letting me use theirs! Im STOKED! So until next week when I really get into a weightloss post, enjoy some photos I havent posted for WIWW.... I took photos then never linked up or did anything with them! Also a little bit of a photo dump...
Oh MAN Im a goof. Clutch Vessel Handmade

My lunch lately, spinach, kale, tomato, bell peppers, green onion, cilantro, avocado, cucumber, seasoned with chili pepper, cayenne, a little garlic salt and lime juice

Nail decal from Long Changed


 My photos went wonky, some are repeats I think, out of order, I got frustrated and am leaving it as is! HA!! some were taken in my kids messy room as Nick left before I could ask him to photo me, some were out on a walk, some were old I dont remember..

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  1. GIRLY you are so pretty. I love the classic look you have in some of your photos. Your girls are just like their Mom (In a sense that they are very photogenic; they still look a lot like Nick... but I see you too).
    Who's looking at the room?!?! I'm checking out your hair... I want a change and am thinking about doing a much shorter look for the school year. I love the looks you get out of it even though its short.
    I've totally been into the accent nail lately. I normally put it on my wedding finger. I like that look with the mint color and the stripe accent nail. Very cute.
    Goof... No way! it's so fun to check out your pics. Keep 'em coming Tess.
    Okay, I should just call next time! :)