Friday, July 31, 2009

update on me.

welp the dr. didnt give me medication, but advised me to eat high protein high fiber meals. It has help me a lot. Im still nauseous but Im feeling much better.
I had some heavy spotting yesturday morning as well, the Dr. sent me into see the ultrasound tech, we couldnt get a heartbeat, which is probably cuz its just a tiny bit too soon, but just in case she has put me on basically bed rest I guess. Im supposed to keep it easy, no errands, no picking up Anbo, just relaxing! Nick has set up shop at home, he has been amazing! God has blessed me with a great man, and Im truely thankful for him!

So if you need me, Im on my couch! :o)


  1. Keep me posted so I can keep praying!! HUGS!!

  2. Keep your head up! I hope you start feeling better, I was sick with leilani for the first 15 weeks!